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Monday, May 17, 2010

Change of Release Date for Relentless Book Two in the Southwestern Shifters

Good news;-) The release date for Relentless, Zane's story, has been moved up from 11/22 to 08/16/2010!! So, a little more than three months earlier than originally scheduled! YAY!

And... the second book in the Southern Spirits series, When the Dead Speak, is also releasing earlier. It will be out 09/20/2010 instead of 02/2011!! The first in that series, A Subtle Breeze, will be out 06/07/2010. It's been a great Monday, when this is added in:

In case the link doesn't work... Lisa with Joyfully Reviewed said of Rescued:

"An exciting, sexy new series titled Southwestern Shifters begins with Rescued. Engaging characters and an enjoyable plotline are what make Rescued worth reading. The foursome of Gabe, Mika, Todd, and Adam are fully fleshed out, emotionally challenged, intriguing characters who will pull readers into Rescued. There are also some really spicy scenes between Gabe and Mika, hot enough to melt ice cubes! Rescued has drama, mystery, hot sex, and some very sweet unsung heroes.


Pretty cool! It's been a great day.

I hope y'all have had an excellent day as well--

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