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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Cherri, Kerstin, NB, xBeanyx,--

   As soon as either the wifi gets straightened out or I drag this laptop to San Antonio where I can use my phone as a Hotspot, I will e-mail y'all. I can hardly get into my email, and hitting Reply is garnering me one of those lovely pages claiming there's no connection. Why I can access Blogger is beyond me, but it's been like this for days. I think I was able to respond to an entire ONE email, and I can't download anything. The Spouse emailed the president of the ISP a couple of days ago from town...Doesn't look like it's done any good. I'm well past screaming and cussing and am now into ready to beat someone's backside if this doesn't get fixed. I know, violence never helps anything, but I do think a good paddling (not mine, of course!) might help...

   And I think I mentioned Amber and Mike getting married, they're doing that now on the 11th of this month instead of tomorrow. I tried to convince them to wait until Superkid's 12th B-day and Reckless' release on the 18th, but nooooooooooooooooooo, they want their own date, lol. Well, who can blame them? I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and let's all agree to have the most awesome week ever this week:)

   Okay, the perky just exhausted me. Time to shower and take more ibuprofen:)

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