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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome Eric Thornton!

I'd like y'all to welcome author Eric Thornton to the blog! Read about him, check out his books, and look for the contest in his post!! Please feel free to comment and ask questions! :D 

 Eric Thornton

Bio: I have been writing stories on some level my entire life. Always writing love and adventure stories. It wasn’t until I hit middle school or junior high that I had started writing big sized stories. Soon after, I had written my first book which I still have a while to go to work on getting it edited. Maybe that will happen someday. In the meantime, I have written over 70 short stories for people that like to read m/f, m/m, and f/f. I firmly believe no matter what someone deserves to have someone love them and to love that person in return. And my stories thoroughly prove that. Some of which have a hint of hot sex! J
The way I see it: I have millions of stories in my head and it is my job to bring them out and provide some form of entertainment no matter what with them. If I had been told I couldn’t get paid to write stories, I still would write them. They are my passion, my comfort, and my joy.
I live in Texas with my fiancé of going on 3 years. I love him to death and someday we hope to get married.

Eric’s Amazon link:
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Recently released: A Bite to Remember (Husky shifter book 1)
Mateo is always the outsider. No one ever really notices him. Just a quiet guy building houses for the city. But he has a secret: he is a husky shifter.
Caleb spots the lonely guy at the party and wants to comfort him. He hates when people are alone. But when he meets Mateo he cannot help the attraction he has for Mateo.
Will they fall in love? Or does everything go to hell?

*Warning: this excerpt contains some sexual content containing 2 men.
This excerpt is from Caleb’s point of view:
Of course Caleb is up for it. His cock is stiff and ready. Ready to enter that ass of Mateo’s. Just as he is sure Mateo is ready to enter him. God Mateo works wonders in the kissing department.
The way he swirls that tongue, exploring every inch of Caleb’s mouth—leaving no section unclaimed—it makes Caleb wanna come right then and there. But he holds back. Why?
Because he wants to be inside Mateo other than a blowjob. Wants to feel that ass tighten around him.
That is the trick. That is the ticket. And when that is all said and done, he knows he will be just fine. Those things will turn out the same no matter what. In the end, he knows he is falling for Mateo. Pretty hard too.
In both the sense and the problem going on in the swim shorts. When he breaks the kiss, he looks at Mateo.
“I wanna do the full thing. Not just head. I wanna penetrate. I’m good and ready for it.”
“If you do so for me, I’ll do the same for you.”
Fine with him. He stands up and steps out of the hot tub. Mateo follows suit for him. He drops the shorts and his cock bounces, hard and pre-coming. Good and ready. He turns to see Mateo dropping the shorts and bending over.
His back is arched and he is slightly shaking his butt. He is good and ready for it. And as Caleb stares, Mateo slides a finger inside himself.
Caleb is stunned. He is a tease. A total fucking tease. And he is working wonders on Caleb. But he likes it at the same time.
By the time Mateo slides three fingers in and moans, Caleb cannot stand there and wait any longer. He yanks those fingers out of Mateo and shoves his cock right in.
Mateo gasps, arches his back, and moans. “God yes. Fuck me.”
At that point, Caleb doesn’t need any other suggestion. He starts thrusting, pounding that ass. The sound of Mateo’s moans only getting him that much closer. And it feels amazing. He loves it so much. And he is good and ready to say it to Mateo at that moment but he refuses simply because as far as he knows no one has ever said it during sex and meant it.
The more he thrusts, the more he listens to the sound of his balls slapping Mateo’s ass. The more moans come out the more wild and savage he becomes to that perfect ass. That nice bubble butt of his. It is so hot.
Getting him so close. “Fuck I’m about to come,” Caleb says.
Mateo begs for it, pleads for it, encourages it even. After a few more thrusts, Caleb shoots his hot seed into that bare hole. And when he does, he growls out his moan.
And after a moment, he slides out. Then he turns to Mateo. “How do you wanna do this?”

Currently working on: Make the Shot (m/m sports romance, book 1)
Some people won’t give up.
When Ronny spots an ex-girlfriend at a charity even, he wants to catch up. But when she tears him down, he is on the verge of giving up forever on life. But when a neighbor plays a scrimmage game with him, he feels a change in his life.
Darius is beautiful, sexy, young, and vibrant. And he brings up feelings Ronny is unfamiliar with.
Is there a chance Ronny will love Darius? Will Tracy—the ex-girlfriend—do what she can to break them up? Or will everything fall apart while they tear up the soccer field?

**Warning: this excerpt contains sexual content between two men.

Ronny had never thrust into a man so much before. And the more he thrust the closer he got to coming. Goddamn that ass was so tight. So hot. So perfect. A nice, perfect bubble butt. The best to fuck.
And as he thrust in and out of that ass, he moaned. Getting closer to coming. And he wanted to come so badly right now. It almost frustrated him. And based on the moans, he could tell Darius wanted it too. It was now or never.
Growling out Darius’s name, he thrust a few more times, coming shot after shot. Filling up the rubber he had on. Thank Christ for that. Better to be safe than sorry.
He laid his head back, his breathing ragged. His cock still covered by that nice ass. And at the same time, Darius laid his head on Ronny’s collarbone. It was amazing what the two of them could do.
For a while they laid there, catching their breath and reveling in the buzzing sensation they got. Drunk in love. Drunk off sex.
Who would have thought it would happen for the two of them?

And here is the blurb for the book I will be working on after I finish writing Make the Shot:
Absolute (book 1):
Kristian doesn’t know how much longer he can stay a bachelor. Coastal is full of sexy people. In the meantime, he lives with four guys that watch over him no matter what.
When Julius spots Kristian—and damn he is hot—he doesn’t know how much longer he can hold back.
Will they get together? Do they connect? Or will things become tense?

For a copy of Make the Shot: tell me what you like about a man in a sports uniform.

It could be any sport. Comment with your answer and an email address. And I will provide the winner an eBook copy of it on Saturday night.


Shorty Chelle said...

*Waves* Hello Eric. Great blog post. Have read several of Eric's books and really enjoyed them Don't enter me in the contest as I already have Make The Shot. All men in sports iniforms are hot. Like how tght their pants are so I can see their butts lol. Wish you nothing but the best in your life and career Eric.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Eric! I love finding new authors to check out. Wishing you all the best!

Misty*G said...

Hi Eric! I will confess I haven't read anything of yours before, but after those excerpts I will certainly be checking out out now. As far as a sports uniform....football wins hands down. What other sport showcases a man's ass quite so well? And all the pads, gives everyone big, broad shoulders. Oh yeah, most definitely a football uniform. Mgammel157@gmail.com

nikirenee said...

Hi, I always like to learn about new authors. I enjoyed your short teases. Now, a man in a sports uniform. I enjoy hockey, the uniforms dont really show much but when you see a guy in one you now it is going to get physical and that in itself is a turn on. To bad most of them dont have teeth. :)

Tekikat said...

Great post! I like watchind the Olympics and those swimmers and water polo guys are so sexy...they have perfect physiques...not too bulky :-)

Alaina said...

Great post and excerpts! What I really like about men in sports uniforms are their muscles! Arms, legs, tight behinds, or even the shirtless sports with the amazing torso, ripped abs yummy!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Eric Roberts said...

Congrats misty I need u to email me at miah_eric_forever@Yahoo.com and put giveaway as the subject. I will provide u with the prize

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