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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monthly Winners!

Okay, this month I will give the option of $25 ARe bucks or $25 Amazon GC. Two winners, each gets to pick which they'd rather have.

So. ST has worked her little fingers (wait, she said no, NOT little fingers or hands. She is proud to have BIG hands, my bad.) So she's worked her big fingers to the bones on this today, because you know what? She was whiney and gripey and it sure seemed to me like boredom was her enemy, hence having her get the drawing organized today. Also, she does earn her allowance by helping out with stuff like that.

Even if she whines.

She's 15. She's going to whine.

Anyway. As I was saying, time for the drawings...And, Congratulations to:

MA Church & Shorty Chelle! Y'all just email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com and I will get your prizes emailed to ya.

Thanks for playing, and remember, comments count! That's how this contest is won :-) Although, we might change that up starting next year. I'm not sure. Gotta think about that and maybe doing a new blog layout etc.

Meanwhile, I'm getting back to writing!


Demetra said...

Congrats MA Church and Shorty Chelle.

Shorty Chelle said...

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it. **huggz** <3

Shorty Chelle said...

Congratulations MA Church!!!! *hugs*

nikirenee said...


MA Church said...

LOL! Yay!!!

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