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Friday, January 9, 2015

Releases and Cover Art! YAY!

First off, HAPPY WEEKEND TO Y'ALL! There will be an installment up this evening.

Now, Renounced came out in general release, which means it's at Allromanceebooks.com and Amazon.com, B&N, etc. I'm not going to slam y'all with links there.

I WILL put up the link for the pre-release of Valen's Pack: Run With the Moon, which is available today at totallybound.com though :D

Run With the Moon

AND AND AND! I got the cover art for book two in Vaeln's Pack in my email today! Behold the beauty that is Valen's Pack: Exodus with gorgeous cover goodness by the incredible Emmy Ellis!!  <3 Emmy so hard!




Melinda said...

Great cover. Loved the first book. Can't wait for the 2nd.

Shorty Chelle said...

Beautiful cover.

Tekikat said...

Very nice cover...drools and fall over :-)

Demetra said...

love the cover - can't wait to read it. And happy weekend to you also Bailey.

nikirenee said...

nice cover, congrats on your new releases.

Julia Matthews said...

Lover the cover. Congrats on the releases.

Miranda P said...

Great Cover. Looking forward to this new series.

L.M. said...

Love. It.

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