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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guest Post Promo-- Shades of Power, by Beany Sparks!

*Beany Sparks has been one of my closest friends for years now. She and I began emailing years ago, when I first started writing. She has been there for me through the good times and bad, and when she published her first book last year, I was so happy for her! And she's published several books since, AND she's starting up her own small publishing company, Rainbow Ninja Press! Links for that to come :D This is her first book released under her own company, and I had the honor of getting to work on it as one of the editors. I love this story! Congratulations, Beany, you are totally made of awesome! 

*Available September 21st, from Rainbow Ninja Press* Website under construction but coming soon! 

Shades of Power
Book 1 in Arcane Magic, an exciting new series by best-selling author Beany Sparks!

Shades of Power (Arcane Magic) by Beany Sparks

An explosion sends Ethan running…straight into the arms of his mate.

Ethan White is a witch whose days are spent in his apothecary with his familiar, Beema. While making potions for the townsfolk keeps him busy, nothing exciting ever happens—until one day when a surprise visitor walks in and his world crumbles around him. Suddenly Ethan and his familiar are on the run, heading for the Fae to seek sanctuary.

Grayson is an alpha wolf. His two best friends are his betas, but there’s one thing missing—a pack. It’s for that very reason that the three of them were volunteered by the council to act as representatives. Their mission? Try to convince the Fae Queen to get the Fae involved in a battle with the Midnight Coven, the witches suspected of using the dark arts. However, the mission takes a back seat when Grayson meets his mate for the first time.

With revelations and lies around every corner and a battle looming, they have to be ready to fight if they want to have a life together.
When a prophecy about the Shades of Power comes to light, both sides want the power for the battle against the other. The question is—who will unite them first?

Copyright 2015
Beany Sparks

“What are you doing here?” he asked, feeling proud his voice remained level.

“My, my, is that any way to speak to a customer, Ethan?”

“You are not a customer, nor will you be a customer. Tell me what you want and then get the hell out of my shop.”

Ethan had a second to regret his rudeness when she narrowed her eyes at him, but reminding himself that nothing good could come of her visit had him standing there with his head held high.

“I would watch how you speak to me, Ethan, since we both know who the stronger witch is.”

“Well, if you are the stronger witch, then there’s absolutely no reason why you would be in my shop. Make sure the door doesn’t hit you on the way out.”

Ethan watched as her eyes narrowed even further, to the point where he wasn’t sure she could even see him. All the while he waited for her reaction—or rather, the explosion that was likely coming.

Suddenly she blinked and then smiled, which was far scarier than anything Ethan could remember seeing before.

“You’re right, Ethan, I am the stronger witch, and as such, I have better things to do than waste my time making potions. So here I am, ready to purchase the potions I need and help my dear little brother make some money so that he can survive in this big, bad world we live in.”

Ethan almost sighed, wanting to forget about being related to the monster in front of him. No one had believed him when he had accused her of being evil. While everyone else had seen her as a gifted child, Ethan had seen the dark side of her early on. Deep down he’d known that she would turn to the dark arts, but everyone he’d told thought he’d just said that to get attention, even their parents. When they’d died, it had left a huge hole in his heart, but he’d finally been able to escape his sister by using some of his inheritance money to move towns and buy his cabin. Although, he couldn’t really call it escaping when on her way out one day she’d told him to pack his things and be gone when she returned. For the first time in his life, he’d obeyed her.

Snapping back to the present, Ethan tried to focus, knowing that if he didn’t, things could go badly.

“What do you want, Des?” he asked.

She frowned at him for a moment before speaking. “Actually, it’s Ravyn now, Ravyn Darkh. Maybe you’ve heard of me?”

Oh shit!

Buy Links: (More links coming soon!)

About the author:
Beany lives in Western Australia. She first started reading romance novels in 2008, but it wasn’t until January 2010 when her Kindle got delivered that the world of erotic romance opened its doors to her, and she hasn’t looked back. With suggestions and support from friends, her muse--”affectionately” known as PITA--was finally able to break free, and in January 2014 her first story was written. Since she can’t put PITA back in his box, Beany has decided to give in and team up with him. Together they’ve made plans to write both MF and MM stories.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beany.sparks


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Sounds good.

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Oooo very interesting!

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Dang it! I have to find out what happens now. :)

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sound interesting

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That does sound interesting, and I'm not always a fan of fae in romance.

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it looks amazing

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Just picked up my copy. I will def be reading it by this weekend.

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Very interesting, can't wait

Stephanie Eberhart said...

Very interesting, can't wait

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