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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ACK! *panic* And Destined Prey

Okay, breathe. *pants* Okay. I'll be working on the short for tomorrow, though it will likely be up in the evening. I've got a start on it but things, you know. Things keep happening.

I have cover art for Cherri's book to share, though! This cover was made by ST/Naomi, with help from Beany. ST wanted to do something to help Cherri, so:

I don't have a price yet, and have to do edits in the next couple of weeks, but the pub dates are:

Early release from RNP 14 Dec here: http://www.rainbowninjapress.com
General release 18 Dec everywhere else :D

So, that's done. Now, back to the short, and baking, and Coyote's Call, and promo for everything. 

Happy Wednesday to y'all :D


Tess said...

oooh yay, the cover looks great!

I tried to register at the new ebook store and it wouldn't let me, gave me a blank page *pouts*

hopefully the book will go to ARe and i'll grab it there since I got Beany's one from ARe, didn't know there was a new publisher around.

Shorty Chelle said...

Love, love, love the cover Bailey. **huggz** <3

Beany Sparks said...

Grrrr! Leave it with me, I'll go and revert the website back a day and redo stuff. Hopefully that'll help fix the issue.

Demetra said...

Looking forward to reading it

Anonymous said...

love the cover. cannot wait for it to be out!

Jaymi said...

Just take my money. Where do I pay?!?!? :-)

Julia Matthews said...

Nice cover. Can't wait to read it.

MA Church said...

Got it on my list :)

Donna said...

Looking good - not too far off either ;)

Kim Whaley said...

Cool cover.

AiboPals said...

Tried to register there, it wouldn't let me as UK wasn't a choice

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