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Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday? Why? Babble....might want to run :D

A bit of a ramble ahead:

I keep trying to get a national, or even world-wide, movement to abolish Mondays and make weekends 3-days long, but nooooooooo.

Anyway! This year has just shot right past us. Yeesh. It's been a rough year for a lot of people on personal levels, financial levels, emotional levels. eBook sales seem to be down for a lot of authors, myself included, but I can deal with it. I get to do something I love, and that's important. I've been homeless before, and beyond broke, have been poor. I can handle that kind of thing, not that I want to handle it. Not that I'm teetering on the brink. I'm just babbling as I do.

There've been so many people who've lost loved ones, and many people have been a part of those losses via the Internet. We're all so more connected, and while there's bad people causing trouble, there's good people who love and support each other, and they get the attention. I've seen so much kindness and compassion online this year in the MM community, it has done my heart and soul good.

When things are rough, I always try to focus on what's good too.  That can be hard at times, but it's really helped. Y'all have helped, just by commenting, or emailing, saying 'hi' however y'all do. Thank you for that. You've no idea how much it means to me. And to my family, because y'all have left them kind comments and bits of hope, too. Mad love for all of y'all <3

I've done one round of edits on Wild Ones: Destined Prey, and should have more coming in soon. I'm also working through the first round of edits on Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings. I have GOT to show y'all the gorgeous cover Beany made for that. Soon. I promise. :D

I'm also writing on the next Coyote's Call: Blue Moon Rising. It's Roman's book, so yay, woot :D

Then it's a much longer, all-new series, contemporary, that I'll share more about later.

Holy crap, every time I look at my writing schedule, I try not to panic O.o

I am holding out hope that come January, we can start having more contests here again. Although, January's usually a rough month. It might have to start up in February. Hm. We'll see.

Ian's story starts Wednesday; I hope to find some fun pics for it at 123rf, but if I don't, I'll keep looking until something suitable pops up. I purchase the pics used here, so if the place I use doesn't have fun stuff, I just have to wait.

Now, I'm getting back to writing. I hope y'all have a fantabulous evening. *huggz*


Tekikat said...

Yes, in spite of all that lot's to be thankful for indeed! I broke my foot in April, got passed for promotion and this month got laid off! Talk about chaos but I am still grateful for having the greatest son in the world, my health, a roof over my head, and wonderful people like you Bailey! :-)

AiboPals said...

I love the people I have met online thanks to my choice in reading matter *grins*

PS I tried to register at http://www.rainbowninjapress.com and I can't as it won't give me the UK as a choice, I hope the books will be available elsewhere too, Smashwords would be my first choice as they don't charge the 20% tax that ARE do, actually Bookstrand would be my first choice as Smashwords often doesn't give the cover despite my settings

Beany Sparks said...

Hi AiboPals,

Grrr let me have a chat with the web guy and we'll see how we can fix that. I know the website is set up so that EU customers can't buy from the site BUT I have got a Payhip account which will allow you to buy the book without paying extra for the VAT (it gets taken off the price rather than added on) so you’ll be able to get it from there in PDF. Then I can add the ePub, PDF and Mobi to your RNP account (the email addresses need to match).

I’ll have a chat with the web guy but if you want to email me at beany.sparks@gmail.com I can let you know once it’s all been sorted.

Otherwise it’ll be up at ARe as part of the general release on the 18th of December

nikirenee said...

Always great to talk to you and I love your stories. They keep me going when I am having a bad day. Thanks for that.
As for your schedule, just breath, you can do it and if you can't it wont hurt them to wait for you. grins. :) Looking forward to Wednesday and Ian.

Julia Matthews said...

Your stories and post is how I either start or end my day. I looked forward to reading Ian's story.

AiboPals said...

Thanks Beany send you an email :D

Eric Roberts said...

so much goodness coming up. i cannot wait to get my paws on it.

Donna said...

How about instead of lobbying for three day weekends we all try for a universal extra fortnight that just lets everyone catch up every six months? We can call it Free Fortnight and by law no-one has to do anything except catch up on whatever they've missed, including sleep and cuddles?

Shorty Chelle said...

Nothing stays bad forever and it's always a good thing to focus on the positive things in life. I am looking forward to reading many more books by you in the future but don't want you to tax yourself out so take your time. I will always be there if you need to rant, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen Bailey. **huggz** <3

Misty*G said...

Bailey, you do you. We aren't going anywhere. Pretty sure most of us are here for the long haul. I'm always up for a good rant if you need. Love&Hugs

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