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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday babble, Vote for the next story.

Poor little Charlie tore her cornea today. At 21 months old, she is NOT having that, and it's...rough here. She's been to the dr and to urgent care; Tuesday she goes to the ophthalmologist. Not sure how she tore it; she was at the store with her mom and dad when it happened.

I think we're coming to the end of Ian's story. I'll be adding more to it before I send it to Rainbow Ninja Press, going deeper into Link's recovery and taking more time with that, but I want to finish it before my break. I think it'll be done by next Friday, then I'll be off for a week with the Hubs for our 22nd anniversary. I might be able to post pics here, I'm not sure. Just depends on where we're at.

Since I'll be finishing that story, though, here's what I proposed before. Please vote and let me know what y'all want to read next:

Story ideas/blurbs

Tales from the Calendar, Book 1

What’s a guy gotta do to get some lovin’?

Andy Andrews can’t seem to find a guy who’ll look at him twice, and it’s no wonder—his name is the only thing extraordinary about him, and that’s not in a good way. He’s been called AA and worse his whole life, and was picked on throughout his school years for his nerdy looks and love of manga and anime. Oh yes, then there’s his Star Wars addiction. Can he help it his formative lusty years were centered on a young Harrison Ford? No. That’s totally not his fault.

He wants a man who can looked past his oft-taped together glasses and his untamable hair, someone who won’t see him as a one-off pity fuck or some pathetic loser who’d be easy to use.

It seems like he wants the impossible, but Andy Andrews isn’t someone who gives up on his dreams easily.

Still, when he stumbles onto a sexy male-hunk calendar shoot, he doesn’t think he has a chance in hell of attracting any of those guys’ attention.

Boy, is he ever wrong.

On the First Day of X-Mas

Not the goddamned elf suit again…

Mark Spinner has a problem holding onto a job. He’s just lost his second one this year, and Christmas is fast approaching. It looks like he’s got one viable option—playing the role of Santa’s Elf in the Quadrant Mall.

He’d almost rather starve, but there’s no way he can skip out on giving presents to his mom, sister, and nieces. He is just going to have to man up—elf up, rather—and deal with screaming, fit throwing kids and insane parents with even more insane demands.

But keeping his elf suit on might be a challenge when Santa turns out to be one sexy man with a cock made to stuff Mark just right.

With These Broken Dreams (Angst. It has lots, and I have no idea what happened to Max but will find out along with y'all if I write this one)

Maxim Coltraine’s life has already been torn asunder. All he has left is one tiny thread of hope that nothing can get any worse than it already is.

Maxim Coltraine’s never thought of himself as a bad guy. He tries to do the right thing, he loves hard, and is loyal to his lover, friends, and family. When everything seems to implode at once, leaving him damaged and broken inside and out, Max wants to give up, but something inside of him refuses to bow down and fade out. Hope, no matter how tiny the kernel of it, can bring a man back from the brink of darkness, if only he’ll hang on.

Dear John (Also angst. I mean, I might really hit that hard. Not sure though.)

John Weaver grew up wanting to serve God and country. When Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is finally repealed, a weight is lifted off his shoulders. In the Marines for fifteen years at that time, he doesn’t leap out of the closest waving a Pride flag, but he worries a hell of a lot less about getting kicked out.

The Dear John letter from his secret lover of almost a decade shatters his dreams of them being together when they retire. Granted, he and Emmett were never serious, but they never had the chance to be. Emmett was Air Force, and an officer. He was also stationed halfway across the country from John. It hurts, and John is even more wounded when Emmett refuses all calls from him, and ignores his texts and emails.

John wants to know what went wrong. He needs closure, or something like that. He isn’t sure. He’d never really examined his feelings for Emmett too closely. Now he wonders if he lost the only man he’s ever loved, or if he’s been freed to find out what love truly means.

Dawn of the Zombie King

Everyone's freaking out over the Zika virus, and it IS a horrible one, but what happens when another mosquito-born virus comes along that renders people...zombies? 

Keston Ainsel is just a guy. There's nothing particularly exceptional about him. He doesn't know that he'll be the answer to a virus that threatens to destroy the world. 

Dr. Jeoffrey Meyers doesn't believe in it if he can't prove it through science. Love? Not happening. That's a chemical reaction and a bunch of head-fuckery. Sex, that's a true thing and one he enjoys as often as possible. 

Zombies? "Are you fucking kidding me? Stop watching that stupid TV show." You know, the one Joeffrey TiVos and watches religiously. Not that he believes in religion, either. 

Joeffrey is in for a shocking discovery. 

Sunshine and Heartbreak

Murphy McGuire never wanted much. He has a few acres of land, his horses, and his job transcribing medical records. That's all he figures he can have after the wreck that left him scarred and with a half a left leg. He can't see himself as a whole man, but he's trying, taking every day one by one, listening to his mama's stern advice that he should be grateful to be alive and in as good a shape as he was after the wreck. 

It's not just Murphy's body that's damaged. No one but him knows the truth of that night, and while he's judged and used as an example to younger folks of what not to do, he keeps his head high when he can. 

But some days he can't. Life's not easy for everyone. As long as he's got a little sunshine, he can deal with the heartbreak only he knows about. 

Until one man appears in his life, and shakes Murphy up in a way he doesn't think he cares for. 

Or maybe he cares for it too much. 

Everyone Loves a Clown, My Ass

Eloy Ochoa has about had it with his job as a clown at kids parties and other child-centric events. He's been hit, kicked, scratched, puked on, ridiculed, and even mugged. If he has to juggle one more set of balls, he might just brain someone. 

Quitting isn't so easy, not when the clown business is a family business. But how can he make his family see that he doesn't want to be a stupid clown?

Alan Brighton, a single sexy father is NOT looking forward to trying to organize his son's birthday party on his own. If only his wife hadn't decided she wanted more from life than him and their child. Now Alan's trying to figure out how to be two parents in one, and finds himself strangely attracted to a man when he hasn't ever felt such a thing before.  

Or throw in your own suggestions! 


Tekikat said...

Ooooooooohhhhhh I love these! My faves are the elf, clown and sunshine and heartbreak story. Wishing Charlie the best....boo boo in the eye is not fun :-(

nikirenee said...

Sunshine and Heartbreak,Dawn of the Zombie King,With These Broken Dreams ,Tales from the Calendar, Book 1. They all sound good but these are the ones I liked the best. When your little and your eyes hurt is never fun. sending hugs

MA Church said...

Dawn of the Zombie King... OMG this!!! (okay, I admit, I kicked around an idea close to this, but not turning into a zombie. Me likely!!!!)

Bailey;-) said...

Duly noted and counted :D And yeah, it sucks. At 21 months, she doesn't understand why her eye hurts and why she can't rub it. Thank you!

Bailey;-) said...

Cool, your votes are counted! Thank you for that and the hugs for Charlie. <3

Bailey;-) said...

DO EEEEEETTTTT!!! You should so write it!!!

Misty*G said...

I think I like Tales from the Calendar and With These Broken Dreams most, but they all sound great. And, poor Charlie! I hope she is okay. For a little kid that has to be awful, bet y'all can't keep her hands away from her eye. Love&Hugs

Beany Sparks said...

I vote zombie, sunshine and clown ;-)

Demetra said...

Zombies for me please
Wishing Charlie a speedy recovery...poor baby

Cherri said...

Everyone loves a clown for me. Give Charlie kisses from Auntie Cherri !!!

Shorty Chelle said...

So sorry to hear about Charlie. I hope she gets better soon Bailey. **huggz** <3 All the stories sound good except the clown *shivers*. But I like With These Broken Dreams and Dear John.

Anonymous said...

Definitely NOT letting You see daylight til You write every ONE of these stories!!!!! (lol)
Oh, Charlie, I wish You were well.

Anonymous said...

Tales from the Calendar, Book 1

Miranda P said...

Sunshine and Heartbreak

Julia Matthews said...

Favorites are Sunshine and Heartbreak and Everyone loves a clown, my ass.

darabaer said...

Hope Charlie will be just fine. Enjoy your Anniversary time off and I vote for either Dear John or Sunshine and Heartbreak. All the contemporaries sound interesting.

Kim Whaley said...

Ugh, I need to catch up on Ian's story... I have to choose another? NOOOOOOOOO. ;) Um. Top three: Tales from the Calendar, Book 1, then On the First Day of X-Mas, then With These Broken Dreams for some angst. That might got to the top if most everyone want more angst. :)

Pamela Cleary said...

Tales from The Calendar, Book 1 then With These Broken Dreams

L.M. said...

Oh no poor Charlie! Hmmm With These Broken Dreams or Sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I vote for "With These Broken Dreams" or "Sunshine and Heartbreak".

And I'm sorry that happened and hope all goes well with Charlie.

-- berryblu

Bailey;-) said...

Thanks, and Charlie is all good. She had a check-up today :D

Bailey;-) said...

...Hmmmm. We shall see!

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you!

Bailey;-) said...

Thanks, and I did!

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, and lol, I am okay with clowns unless they're like It clowns!

Bailey;-) said...

Lol I don't see daylight much anyway! <3

Bailey;-) said...


Bailey;-) said...


Bailey;-) said...

Lol thank you!

Bailey;-) said...

She's better, the eye doctor said she's looking good. Thank you for the well wishes all around!

Bailey;-) said...

Lol! Well we might be due for some seriousness and angst...or not. :D

Bailey;-) said...

Counted :D

Bailey;-) said...

She's running around like a trooper :D Thanks!

Bailey;-) said...

She's much better. Still don't know how she tore her cornea though. Thank you! <3

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