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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


And Happy Tuesday to y'all!

This is another ARe free book contest! If you have an account at allromanceebooks and there's a book there you want, comment below with the title of it, and, if you're comfortable doing so, the email address I'd need to send the book to your ARe account. I have another free book voucher to use, and it expires next Wednesday, March 9th, so I'll be picking a winner via random.org on Monday, March 7th, around 10 PM Central.

Good luck!


ingrid said...

Dirty Irishman

AiboPals said...

To The Other Side
By: S.J. Frost

aibopals at gmail dot com

Julia Matthews said...


Nichole said...

Stealing Dragon's Heart by Susan Laine


Avalie said...

Concubine by Jill Knowles. Has been on my to read list for a long time now. Keep getting distracted by other shiny toys...

Miranda P said...

Ball Caps and Khakis by Jo Ramsey


Pamela Cleary said...

Would love either Of your books Heart or Don't Stake My Life On It. I need to catch up and finish these 2 series, I got a little behind in reading.


Linda said...

The City PI and the Country Cop by Edward Kendrick


nikirenee said...

Scarred Mate
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan , Book 3.0
By: A.C. Katt


Tekikat said...

Hiya Bailey! I want to read LA Witt's Wrenches, Regrets and Reality Checks :-)

Shorty Chelle said...

Indra Vaughn - Shadow Mountain # 2 - Fragmented

My ARe email is shortychelle@outlook.com

Thank you for the chance Bailey. <3 **huggz**

Shorty Chelle said...

Bailey please diregard the first comment I made as I already have the book and can't firgure out hot to delete the comment lol. The book I'd like is Josh Lanyon - The Art of Murder # 1 - The Mermaid Murders.


ARe email is shortychelle@outlook.com

Thank you for the chance. **huggz** <3

Kim Whaley said...

Um. I haven't looked at my ARe wishlist in a while...Refired by BA Tortuga I've been eyeing lately... I did pottery myself when I was younger and love the art form. :)

Email is the same as what I signed in as, but just in case: kimwhaley at gmail dot com. :) And maybe I'll keep up with the blog posts...

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