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Friday, March 11, 2016

Here's a Surprise!

I was asked to take part in a series at ARe, allromanceebooks, and so I did-- and I had fun writing it! I don't have an exact release date but Prey Mate will be available at ARe in May. I'll let y'all know when I have an actual release date though :D


Copyright 2016
Bailey Bradford

Predator and prey…one reluctant mate.
Cody Sanderson wasn’t looking for a life on the run, but one mistake has cost him his freedom. If he gets caught, it might cost him his life. The man he hooked up with for a night wasn’t a man after all, but a beast intent on owning Cody.
But Cody isn’t anyone’s to keep. He will evade capture and die before he lets himself be caged by a monster. When he’s finally caught, he thinks he’s about to be taken to the one man he doesn’t want to see ever again. Instead, he’s offered protection and a solution that will keep him safe.
The only thing is, he’d have to be mated to one of the very things he feared most—a wolf shifter. Cody’s not so sure the risk is worth taking.

Prey Mate

Look at the gorgeous cover made by Erin Dameron-Hill:

If you'd like to see more of Erin's work or contact her about a cover, here's her info:

Erin Dameron-Hill

Installment will be up tonight around 10 PM-ish Central at the latest *fingers crossed*


AiboPals said...

Happy for a new book, not so much that it's ARe, they cost me 20% more. It is a beautiful cover

Bailey;-) said...

AiboPals, is it the VAT? I will be having a contest once the book's out to give away copies, so that might help, and after a couple of weeks or so ARe does put it out at other retailers. But watch for the contest in May :D

Shorty Chelle said...

Love the cover and blurb. Can't wait to read it Bailey. **huggz** <3

Cinders Osborne said...

More of you for me I am ok with that!

L.M. said...

Oooooo yay!! Excitement in the air

Tess said...

*makes grabby hands* gimme & *wails* May is too far away

AiboPals said...

Yup tis the VAT it sucks, I will deffo enter any contest you have for it *grins*

Tekikat said...

Nice cover and intriguing story...can't wait to read this :-)

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