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Friday, April 8, 2016

Update Babble

Yesterday was Charlie's 2nd birthday-- where does the time go? She'll be having a party on Sunday, so that'll be a fun day :D

Yesterday was also the day of my mother in law's heart surgery, and it went fantastic! There's still another surgery to be done in a few months, but the doctor is very hopeful the defibrillator will help a lot.

So after a month of health concerns over multiple people, last night I finally felt like a weight was lifted, and I came home and slept for about eleven hours.

The anxiety is still nattering about, but the medications are helping, and I've been able to get back to getting on the treadmill every day and doing yoga an hour a day. It helps. Some days I just feel like I'm about to shatter, but it passes. Things will get better.

The Hubs might have another truck for us to deliver this coming week, and that's cool, as long as we are back by next weekend. Charlie's party is this Sunday, and Super-Teen's 17th birthday (it's actually on April 18th) slash graduation slash college acceptance and enrollment part is going to be on Saturday, April 16th. Super Teen has no idea we're doing all this-- we had invites printed up and mailed out, so anyway, we've got to be back from Denver before her party, so we'll see how the timing works out.

Then on the 23rd, it's the Hub's birthday ^.^ I haven't even made plans for that, but I imagine a fishing trip will be involved.

How are y'all doing?


Demetra said...

Wow Bailey - its just as bad for me for the month of April.
Daughter, hubby, dad, dad in law, a couple of cousins. So yea its friggin exhausting.

Tekikat said...

Oh wow! April is a busy month for you ....awesome that the surgery went well, happy bday, and congrats to st and you for hanging in there!

Misty*G said...

Wow, you stay busy! So very glad things are going more smoothly around there. Y'all deserve it.

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