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Thursday, May 26, 2016

In Case Y'all Missed the News...

Beany Sparks is about to have a new release out! And I got to read it ahead of time-- it is a fun, sexy read! I really loved it. You can check it out here:

Pib's Dragon


A dragon is about to find out what happens when a cat discovers his cave of shiny treasures.

After nine years, Pib is finally free from his contract with the newly wed prince. Slipping out in the middle of the night to avoid getting stuck in another contract, Pib shifts into his cat and makes his way home to the little village he foolishly left, hoping his best friend Wil still lives there.
Dray is bored. His services as a princess-guarding dragon are no longer needed and even his gold and jewels are unable to cheer him up. His mood changes quickly when he catches someone in his treasure cave, and it starts a series of events that change his life forever.
When the two finally meet, sparks fly, but Dray will have to move quickly if he’s to save his cat after Pib gets kidnapped.

Pib's Dragon will be out tomorrow, and I'll have more info posted then :D Happy Thursday to y'all!

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