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Monday, July 11, 2016

Babble and Installment Update

Well, we haven't finished the room yet but are close. The Hubs and I, and ST, all ended up at the Urgent Care Saturday with variations of strep/tonsillitis/sinus infections, that kind of slowed us down. More shots, more meds, more dragging ass because we're all bleh.

The hearing is tomorrow, which means anxiety is higher than usual and sleep is really hard to come by. I managed four hours then it was time to get up and babysit. This, combined with the strep/sinus infection (that was me, yup), means I am just beat.

I feel like I have not done this blog story, or y'all, justice, and for that, I apologize. Too much going on at home and trying to get my health, mental and physical, aligned in the plus column. As I see it now, I'll hopefully have an installment up Wednesday night. Another couple after that, and the story will conclude. It'll need a LOT of revisions before being subbed anywhere.

I haven't written a book in approximately four months at this point. Perhaps I needed the time off, or perhaps I am overwhelmed with everything happening here, or...maybe some of both.

There won't be the usual long delay between blog stories. I think I'll surprise y'all with the next one-- surprise myself too. I'm just going to write a story and let it come out and be about whatever's in my head. Not exactly free-form writing-- because I envision something like e.e. cummings except with way, way less talent when I think of trying to do that-- but whatever story calls to me the most. Give y'all, and myself, a story I'm sinking into myself.

Tomorrow, there'll be another ARe contest for a book! I've got a free certificate there from all the giveaways, and would like to gift a book to someone. :-) So watch for that post Tuesday.

Y'all have a happy Monday, and please take care. <3


Lexi said...

Happy Monday, Bailey. Take care of yourself. I hope everything goes okay. Sending y'all positive thoughts.

nikirenee said...

Sorry everything feels like a mess. I understand the whole strep stuff, after fighting with it for the last 8 months I finally found some one to take out my tonsils. So I am drugged up on pain meds and hoping the sickness goes away. Hope you feel better and don't worry about us we will be here when you feel good. :)

Cinders Osborne said...

Take care of yourself and the family members!

Jbst said...

Wow, so many members to come own with strep, etc. Please take it easy on yourself concerning the blog posts. Take a break and rest up. Hope all goes well with the hearing tomorrow and everybody is feeling better.

Tekikat said...

No worries Bailey...take care of yourself and your family...we can wait....we are your loyal fans and support you no matter what :-)

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