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Sunday, July 24, 2016


I know, late again! I don't know where the days go lately, we're so busy trying to do everything and be everything. It's about time for us to take a break and run off to the mountains.

Thank you all for entering the contest. Winner was chosen via random.org.

Congratulations to:

Avalie said...
Punishing the panda by AJ Marcus.
You are very generous - I don't think I could give away my ARe 10s.

Avalie, please let me know your ARe address. You've probably told me it before but I tried a search in my email and it was a disaster. 

Thank you all again. We'll have another contest this week :D 

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Avalie said...

Bailey, sent you an email. Hope you got it. Thhanks. Avalie

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