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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Okay, how many of y'all are out doing the Pokemon Go? We might have all become addicted here. Who knew?

I hope everyone's having a grand weekend! Now, on to the winners:

Three people have been chosen via random.org. Thank you to everyone who entered. Congratulations to:

Jbst said...
Your hair color and cut looks fun and modern. Hope everyone is feeling better today.
Dark Tide by Josh Lanyon. Thanks for the contest!
*Can you email me please with your ARe addie? Thanks!
Tekikat said...
Nice haircut Bailey! I want to read Always a Groomsman by Cassandra Gold.

Alicia Nordwell said...
I can't imagine changing my hair, but then again, it's a very dark shade of red inside and looks like flames outside. If I tried to change it, it would probably turn a very non-appealing shade of green, lol, not all pretty like yours!

I just added What The Carpenter Saw by Vicki Reese to my wishlist as a pre-order. It sounds intriguing. My email is anordwell@live.com

Stay healthy, Bailey! (hug)

Enjoy the rest of y'all's weekend ***huggz***

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Jbst said...

Thanks so much for your generosity!

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