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Monday, August 29, 2016

...Bad Author.

I was supposed to pick the winners via random.org last night but was exhausted and crashed early. Like, in between one text asking my daughter to bring me a protein peanut butter bar, and by the time she brought, nope. I was asleep. Today is just a sluggish day; allergies are rampant and my meds are medding enough. I forced myself to spend 65 minutes on the treadmill-- with it actually turned on and me flopping along on it-- but I think that's about all the energy I have. Had. Something.

How's everyone doing?

Okay, on to the winners, chosen via random.org!

Congratulations to:

Linda said...
Love the pictures and comments under them, too funny.

Lately I have been trying by hand at sewing with a sewing machine and have almost conquered sewing a straight line. Maybe another week? (month?) I'll have it. LOL

Home to Danger by S.C. Wynne


nikirenee said...
same stuff different day here, but I love Ambers hair choices. :) 
The Dragon Healer
By: Bianca D'Arc 


Linda said...

Thank you!! Hope you had a nice nap.

nikirenee said...

awesome, sleep well. :)

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