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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This time, we'll do two winners. It's the same as usual-- you have a chance to win a book on your ARe wishlist.

Comment below with the book you'd like to win, AND share something with us all about your life lately. I love hearing about y'all. 

Winners will be chosen via random.org and announced Sunday August 21st, around 10 PM-ish Central.

My week has been a lazy one. I did finish the book I was working on and have edits in for it, and I'm going to start revising And the Stars Danced. There's such a great disparity in the length of it and Ian's tale that Ian's will need to be more than doubled in size, so we'll see what adventures he ends up landing in. Getting involved in. Something like that.

Other than that, I've got PNut lying on me, Sierra AKA Naomi lying on the bed beside me, and Charlie in her little bed by me on the other side, and the Hubs on his laptop on his side of the bed. We're all vegging.

Elijah starts school Monday, and that's going to be a shock to all of us. I will post 1st day pics! Y'all are welcome to do the same.

Have a wonderful evening :D


Tekikat said...

Lots of stuff going on.... my son is leaving for Japan on labor day weekend and im keeping busy at work. I want to read The Case of the Purple Pearl by Amber Kell :-) Thanks Bailey

nikirenee said...

I've had lots of lazy days lately. just don't have the motivation to get moving this month.

By: Haylee Wolf

AiboPals said...

By: Mell Eight
aibopals at gmail dot com

Nothing much going on here, cept I need another eye exam as my new glasses aren't right lol

Linda said...

Nothing much happening here - washing clothes, dusting, vacuuming - BORING!!!! LOL

Home to Danger by S.C. Wayne

Avalie said...

Override by SJD Peterson.

I had a first, well two firsts. For the first time ever I entered my village fair craft section and won first prize for both my knitting and crochet items. Just wow...!

Cinders Osborne said...

Harder in Hells by Lisa Oliver.
I flew down to west palm beach with youngest girlfriend to drive her back here took 11 hours, and she has only been driving 8 months being on 95 was FUN, lol. So I have a total of 9 people living in my house, I need a vacation from family. I do it with books. Smooches and love to you and yours!

Julia Matthews said...

Lover without borders by Sara York

Julia Matthews said...

Lover without borders by Sara York

Shorty Chelle said...

Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha by A.E. Via thank you for the chance Bailey **huggz** <3

Babysitting, cleaning, reading and writing reviews to send in are my agenda for today. Hopefully my wrist won't start bothering me lol.

Melinda said...

Trying to start a business with a friend. Building a primitive campground. Can't wait to see if it takes off.

Jbst said...

Nothing exciting but I finally washed my very dirty car.

Deductions by Lyn Gala.

Miranda P said...

Been trying to get some cleaning done but I tend to procrastinate:)

Relative Best by Pat Henshaw epub


(Also I one a book in last giveaway but have not recieved it not sure if you haven't sent it or it got lost in translation somewhere)

Kim Whaley said...

Ethan's Earl
Series: The Wilgrin Chronicles , Book 2.0
By: Vicktor Alexander

Working and prepping for DragonCon where I volunteer for the Space fan track that's in a week and a half...

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