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Monday, August 22, 2016


My apologies. Elijah started school today; I was a little more stressed over that than I thought and ended up staying awake all night, sewing dresses and purses for Charlie (because I know how to sew girls clothes, but not anything Elijah would wear) until Elijah headed off to school. So my head was kinda in a spacey place and I missed the contest drawing!

Well, Elijah loved his first day at school but said he didn't get any 'sparkle dust' and that is what kids get for being good. He couldn't or wouldn't tell me why he didn't get any, but I did tell him to try to mind the teacher better tomorrow, and he always sparkles for me. He wasn't overly impressed with that statement. :D

Anyway, on to the winners! I'm going with 3 since I'm a day late. All winners chosen via random.org

Congratulations to:

Cinders Osborne said...
Harder in Hells by Lisa Oliver.
I flew down to west palm beach with youngest girlfriend to drive her back here took 11 hours, and she has only been driving 8 months being on 95 was FUN, lol. So I have a total of 9 people living in my house, I need a vacation from family. I do it with books. Smooches and love to you and yours!

AiboPals said...
By: Mell Eight
aibopals at gmail dot com

Nothing much going on here, cept I need another eye exam as my new glasses aren't right lol

Tekikat said...
Lots of stuff going on.... my son is leaving for Japan on labor day weekend and im keeping busy at work. I want to read The Case of the Purple Pearl by Amber Kell :-) Thanks Bailey

Congratulations to the winners! I will probably send the books out tomorrow because I have Naomi waiting to do yoga with me and then she wants to go out Pokehunting. Love to you all! <3


Melinda said...

Congrats all.

AiboPals said...

Thanks so much :D

Shorty Chelle said...

Congrats to the winners.

Tekikat said...

Awesome! Thanks Bailey :-) first day of school is a milestone...way to go Elijah!

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