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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Daughter Amber Special Edition! ALSO CONTEST!

How are y'all? What's up in y'all's lives? Leave a comment sharing something about your life with me, along with a book on your wish list at ARe, and I'll use random.org to pick 2 winners Sunday night :-D

I've just spent an hour and a half on the trampoline with Charlie, and that is a workout, lol. Poor Charlie is not happy that her brother is in school all day now, but we had fun. We bounced until she decided we were done.

Now, on to the part of this about my daughter Amber...

The other day when I posted pics, I didn't post any of my oldest daughter, Amber. And boy, did she put me on blast. So, here are pics of Amber ;-P

Amber and a child
Amber in sunglasses

Amber not in sunglasses

Amber sniffing the cat

Amber and other people

Amber waving 'Hi' to westboro

Red Amber

Curly Amber

Amber and some random baby

Fuzzy Amber

Amber's art journal page

Amber and some people she met at The Equality House

Amber and something icky

Amber and more people at Equality House. Those sure are some cute kids ;-)

More cute kids that look just like Elijah and Charlie at The Equality House. Hm. How did that pic slip in here?

Now, hopefully, this will satisfy my oldest child :D Sorry I didn't post your pic last week, kiddo. Ya know I love you! 


Shorty Chelle said...

Love the pics. I am currently living with my sis, her boyfriend and son, and two dogs. Went from living alone with my cat to a full house. Looking forward to heading back home in about a year as I miss the peace and quiet lol.

I would like Healing Hunter's Heart by Charlie Cochet. https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-healinghuntersheart-1786367-145.html

Thank you for the chance Bailey **huggz** <3 and good luck to everyone.

Cinders Osborne said...

Love all the pictures! Nothing really has changed over here still dealing with pain! Haven't killed anyone yet! Lol

Broken seal by Laura harner ePub

Tekikat said...

Nice pics :-) Currently preparing for my son's departure to Japan....only a week and a half left! I would love to read Mate Call by Amber Kell in PDF please. Thanks Bailey

nikirenee said...

same stuff different day here, but I love Ambers hair choices. :)
The Dragon Healer
By: Bianca D'Arc

Jbst said...

Amber is so brave with that snake on her. Working on my health with an upcoming doctor's appt.
Just the Thought of You by Tinnean.

Nichole said...

Love the pics and Amber seems to take after you in the brave hair color choices. Nothing new here, same stuff new week. Reading and Netflix help along with the occasional youtube binge of The Voice from the US and elsewhere that other people have posted. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Stronger, Better, Faster, More by Katey Hawthorne & Carlin Grant

Julia Matthews said...

Great pictures. Nothing new my way. Watching the little league baseball games with my dad most nights.

Prodigal Wolf by e Franks and Sara York

Miranda P said...

Great Pics!

Relative Best by Pat Henshaw


Avalie said...

That is a gorgeous pic of Amber not in sunglasses.
Nothing special happening this weekend, unless family decides to descend on us.

Override by SJD Peterson

Linda said...

Love the pictures and comments under them, too funny.

Lately I have been trying by hand at sewing with a sewing machine and have almost conquered sewing a straight line. Maybe another week? (month?) I'll have it. LOL

Home to Danger by S.C. Wynne

Margaret S said...

Lovely pictures of Amber - lovely family too.

The blackberries in my garden are now ripening so - One batch of bramble jelly made (5 Jars) plus almost enough collected for the second. Usually get enough made to last through the year plus some over for friends or neighbours.

Drantos Series: VLG , Book 1.0By: Laurann Dohner PDF

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