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Monday, August 15, 2016


How was y'all's weekend? Ours was okay. Rainy, lots of rain, still raining, keeps on raining...But I did get the second City Shifters book in.

The space blog stories and a longer, better-written Mr. January story will all be going to Beany at Rainbow Ninja Press soon. I hope to get them cleaned up and fixed this week. Which means probably in a month. O.o

So, this morning, I went to sleep around 5 AM after I turned in my book (Okay, and after Naomi and I went and got fast food breakfast and hit up a few Pokestops), and kept waking up off and on. Woke up and almost pissed myself when a big BOOM happened outside my window. Transformer blew, but it wasn't to our house. The people behind us lost electricity. Then, I was awake. I mean, that was loud. So into the kitchen I go, and someone had taken ONE burner off the stove and put a plate over it.

One burner.

I picked up the plate, saw the mess that meant someone had spilled oil and crap on the burner and it'd run under the stove top. Fine. It's Monday. I have not had coffee. There's a damn mess waiting for me and obviously it was going to keep waiting unless I did something. So that was fun, stripping the burners off, putting the plate thingies in the sink to soak, scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing, lots and lots of cussing, and scraping with a knife, and vowing vengeance on the next person who doesn't clean up their mess. Fun stuff.

Then I found the dead mouse.

Not in the stove, fortunately, because triple ew. But beside the dishwasher.

Part of living where we do, rodents, spiders, people walking goats. Etc.

So it has definitely been a Monday here.

What's up in y'all's world?

Tomorrow there will be a blog installment up. I'll try to make it over 1k :D

I hope everyone's doing well! Also, there'll be a contest posted Wednesday!



Margaret S said...

Fun start to the week - Hope it improves.
I've always had to deal with any mice - Men around are such girls when it come to them.
Sorry for your neighbour but glad you didn't have to deal with that as well.
Oooh!!! goody a new Bailey book - Can't wait.
You survived Monday now you just have to get through Tuesday.
Makes my weekend seem tranquil just clearing some weeds here in the sunny UK.
Love to you all.

Shorty Chelle said...

Yay about the book.

Wow it seems like you certainly had a busy Monday. **huggz** <3

Melinda said...

gotta love mondays.

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