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Monday, August 8, 2016


Well, my weekend was...a weekend. Lots of writing on the next City Shifters, didn't finish like I wanted to, but it's getting there. Amber and Mike tried to bring Mike's parents' dogs here-- his parents split, his father is in ill health and living with Mike's grandmother, and the dogs are alone at the house, one outside, one tiny dog inside. This is not a good situation for any dogs. So they brought out the 5lb chihuahua named Lulu, and the 100lb Great Dane mix named Kelso.

Sierra's 14lb terrier mix dog, Bruno, attacked Kelso right off the bat. We put a stop to it. Then Amber took Kelso outside to water the grass, and while Kelso was doing that, someone let Bruno out and he ran up and bit Kelso. I can totally understand Kelso being unhappy about being attacked while peeing. He bit Bruno at least twice, and chunked Bruno through the air. Bruno is very lucky Kelso didn't bite him and kill him. As it was, he punctured Bruno's skin in several spots but not the muscles/tissues etc.

Unfortunately, this means we had to send Kelso back. The neighbor said she would find him a home. I hope so. It's not that I don't trust Kelso not to start a fight...it's that I know Bruno, and he'll keep starting fights until Kelso just sits on him or kills him out of sheer frustration.

Anyway. That was my day yesterday. Lulu is here now, so we're up to five dogs! Though, I dunno, she's so tiny, she's half the height of our smallest cat! She doesn't bark or anything, either, so she's pretty chill. The cats are utterly terrified of her. I think they believe she's a big rodent, come to reek revenge for all the mice they've killed (hey, we live on three lots, the neighbors never mow, neither does the city, we are ALWAYS battling rodents-- Possums, squirrels, skunks, etc, along with the tarantulas and so many Daddy Long Leg spiders I can't count them.) So the cats are terrified of this five pound, tail-wagging happy pup. She's a sweetheart, though.

Too much adventure entirely yesterday.

Thank you all for sharing your plans with me. It was wonderful to read what y'all are up to! Please, always feel free to share posts about anything y'all want to. Vent, rant, silly jokes, a great read, etc.

Now, on to the winners! Chosen by random.org of course. Congratulations to:

Eliwrites said...
I'm planning on going berry picking, having breakfast on the deck, and doing laundry!

I would love a copy of TJ Klune's Lightning-Struck Heart.

Miranda P said...
The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins by Stephani Hecht


I am planning on enjoying the nice weather and hoping for some rain it's really dry here.

Eliwrites, I need your ARe email addie so I can get your book to you!

Congrats again, and thank you to everyone for playing! There'll be an installment tomorrow and a new contest later this week! <3

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Shorty Chelle said...

Congratulations to the winners.

Sounds like you had your hands full with the animals Bailey. **huggz** <3

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