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Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday-- CONTEST!

Well, how has y'all's day been going? Tell me something about it in the comment section below, along with a book you'd like to win from ARe, and come Sunday night, I'll use random.org to pick a winner!

My day...I spent a lot of it with Charlie. She's got eczema from allergies all over, and it's so bad she will have to have light therapy for it, and more allergy tests because her major allergies-- wheat, eggs, peanuts-- are ones she hasn't been exposed to anymore. We're talking big raw patches that she keeps scratching and she is just miserable. On top of that, she has a cold, so she was just throwing fits more often than not today, and she wanted her memaw even when she got mad at me because I ate potato chips. (They weren't hers, she didn't want any, she also didn't want ME to have any). She took a nap on my shoulder, then got mad and, when Amber and Mike were supposed to be keeping an eye on her, Charlie slipped into my bathroom, and dumped my $70 sonic toothbrush in the toilet. $70 is a lot of money for a toothbrush in my opinion, but that one was worth every penny! Amber told me to boil it. I told her I'd boil her! So I has a sad at the loss of my toothbrush.

Other than that, I made a peach cobbler from a video recipe I saw-- one can of cinnamon rolls, cut into pieces, and three peaches, cut and sliced. stir them together or layer them, drizzle with icing, and bake. It didn't even last half an hour in this house.

I've been restless, unable to sit still, which I need to do to write. Going to have to find a middle ground somewhere.

So that's my day. Tell me what's going on with y'all :D


Cinders Osborne said...

Running my fool head off for family when I'm not working 12 hour days, I just want a day to read.
No Time to lie by ba Tortuga

Misty*G said...

I held a moment of silence for your toothbrush. Other than that I've been binging on "Once Upon a Time" and stitching a Zelda Triforce bookmark. You should come stay here for a while, it's a lot calmer (boys glued to the XBox).

Empty Net by Avon Gale should I be so lucky

Shorty Chelle said...

Been listening to it rain all day and now at 9 p.m. here due to the remnants of hurricane Hermine. Arthritis is killing me as well as my stomach from eating too much. Sooo it has not been a good day for me today lol.

Healing Hunter's Heart by Charlie Cochet

Thank you for the chance Bailey. **huggz*** <3

Nichole said...

Enjoyed yesterday off since now I will be working 7 days straight. Read and re-read lots and lost several hours to youtube again. My mom loves her toothbrush so I get what you said and totally agree with your answer to your daughter, if it falls in it is now must be replaced even if there wasn't anything in there but water. I don't know what kind of deals you have in your part of the country but here my mom shops online on something called Groupon and she has bought items like toothbrushes and replacement heads for them for lesser prices than you can usually find in the store.

Stronger, Better, Faster, More by Katey Hawthorne and Carlin Grant

Margaret S said...

My grandson had his 1st birthay this week so we went there for his party. While there my son told us that he had cleaned the downstairs toilet a few days earlier while he was the one looking after the boy, he went away to do something else then needed the loo. When he looked down he thought "What is that black object down the toilet". He fished out his car keys which little fingers must have put there. So your toothbrush tale felt like a touch of Déjà vu.

Dark Warrior-Series: Delroi Warrior-Book 2.0
By: Loribelle Hunt - Format-PDF

ShirleyAnn said...

Sorry about your toothbrush it should be replaced really. Poor Charlie I hope her eczema clears up and her allergies are sorted out soon. I'm on my computer listening to the rain which is wonderful after so much hot weather.

Gentle by Mark Zubro PDF format


Avalie said...

About halfway knitting a big afghan in honeycomb stitch. It looks good, but is getting heavy and very hot. I am ready to move on to something else.
Started trying to get more fit...again!

The Senator's Secret by KC Wells. Epub please.

Jbst said...

Wow, so sorry to read about your not good day and poor Charlie who is so miserable with her eczema and cold. Is your sonic toothbrush one piece or two pieces? If two pieces, maybe you could wipe down the handle portion with a bleach solution and rinse with soap & water. The brush top can be replaced maybe at Costco, WalMart or Sam's Club. Hope your weekend is going better. I'm going out on errands and will be doing a bit of house cleaning.
Victory's Portrait by Tali Spencer

Miranda P said...

We have been having some really nice early fall weather so I have been spending time outside enjoying it.

Relative Best by Pat Henshaw epub


nikirenee said...

I have been cleaning up the yard after all the nasty weather we have been having. I had this great idea of putting this big broken branch inside my outdoor cat enclosure for them to play on. The thing weighed a ton and I almost had a heart attack trying to wrestle it into the enclosure. After much swearing, sweating and bitching I finally got it inside and was so proud I immediately went to let the cats out to investigate. Wouldn't you know it, they are afraid of the thing and wont get on it. All that for nothing, I am so unappreciated. HA HA. Anyway, sorry charlie is having such a bad time, it sucks when they don't feel good. Hope you have a great weekend.

By: Haylee Wolf
Published by: Barker Romances

Tekikat said...

Happy labor day Bailey! My son is on his way to Japan...he left early this morning. It was so hatd keeping myself together and not cry when he finally went through the TSA line at the airport....its his first time away from home - gone for 7 months and literally on the other side of the planet! Being a mom is so wonderful...now I have a lot of "free" time...gotta figure out what I can do to keep busy :-) I would love to read Mate Call by Amber Kell in PDF please.

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