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Monday, September 19, 2016


Okay, sorry for the silence. The hubs was put on diabetes meds (he's pre-diabetic, but it's a very close line with his sugar levels from that to diabetes. Like .0 something. ) and he had a rough couple of days. Not sure what was physical and what was from the diagnosis itself. However, he's doing better now.

I also wrote the first short story in a series I'm starting for Pride. The story, One Too Many, is about 15k long. These stories are supposed to be fun and sexy, not too intense. They'll have humans and shifters in them, among other supernatural beings. The first one is about two human guys. Mystic Tattoos is just what it sounds like, a Mystical Tattoo shop owned and operated by a freed genie. Eventually, Gene (ha) will have his own love story, and that one will conclude the series. Anyway. It was fun to write :D I think One Too Many will be available for pre-order in Oct.

I will have an installment up tomorrow night. Today I've got a migraine, probably from writing all 15k of One Too Many from about 10 AM yesterday to 4 AM today.

But, being able to write that much made me feel more confident than I have in a while-- like I've got my writing mojo back, at least a little.

I hope you all are doing well and everyone had a fantastic week. Thanks for letting me babble. <3


Margaret S said...

Glad hubs is doing better.
Sorry to hear you have a migraine- They are to a headache what King Kong is to baby monkey. Hope it eases back soon.
Will look forward to the new series.
Good that you are getting your mojo back.
Love to all.

Tekikat said...

Glad your hubby is doing better...can't wait for your next update :-)

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