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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Schtuff and CONTEST!

Well, it's been an advenhopesturous week so far. Alice/Naomi/Sierra/ST/Youngest Kid and I went out Pokemoning the other night and ended up bringing a stray dog home. She (the dog, now named Buttercup) wouldn't stop following us. However, she seems to be growing more aggressive with the other dogs by the hour, and that is going to be a problem. That, and she wants to chase the cats if they run. Nope. So unless we can teach her better manners, we'll have to find her a home. The Hubs was really, really not happy with us bringing Buttercup home. Next time I will try to catch the possum by the courthouse and bring THAT back.

The Hubs had the crud from hell until yesterday, so that was fun for us both. He's all better now though. Still giving me side-eye over the dog, though :D

Everyone else is okay. A/N/S/ST/YK and I still have staph woot woot (heavy sarcasm there) but hopefully this shit will clear up soon.

Now, on to the contest. Y'all know the drill. Share something with me-- us-- about your day/life/hopes etc., and also comment with the title of a book you'd like to win off of ARe. One winner will be chosen Sunday night.

Good luck, and Happy Wednesday!


Tekikat said...

Good to hear y'all are getting better....it's the mold here in Texas. My son is finally settled in Japan so now I'm "single" again after 30 years! Talk about an adjustment... anyway I would love to read Mate Call by Amber Kell in PDF please. Thanks Bailey :-)

nikirenee said...

WOW, you guys are having a some bad luck with illness. glad everyone is better or on the mend. My son has been working in Georgia for the last 3 months and is home now. I forgot how loud it is when he is home. :) People are coming in at all hours of the night. I guess I am getting old because I keep telling him they have to leave by 10pm. He is almost 21 so he just rolls his eyes at me and smiles. Got to love your kids and I do miss him and his friends when he is not around. He does call me every night to ask about my day and tell me good night.

Wolf Bond
By: Mina Carter

thanks Bailey

Nichole said...

Glad everyone is on the mend. Hopefully Buttercup can adjust to sharing with other animals without fighting and chasing them from her new territory. Looking forward to having 2 1/2 days off from work after a very stressful week. Friday will just be a me day with lots of reading and maybe some Netflix and then Saturday I'll go see my mom and help her with a few things around her place.

Stronger, Better, Faster, More by Katey Hawthorne and Carlin Grant

Miranda P said...

I've got some crud too so been trying to get over it. Hope you all feel better soon.

Relative Best by Pat Henshaw epub


Avalie said...

I'm sure 'crud' can't be what I think it is. So is it another name for a cold?
Did some gardening today - and got stung by nettles.

Thirty days by Shayla Kersten

Margaret S said...

Glad to hear you are all recovering. Buttercup needs a firm hand and everyone giving the same clear commands otherwise she will be confused. I hope you succeed in training her.
The usual stuff plus sat and did some mending this morning and spent about an hour - Well covered up - in the garden collecting blackberries for the next batch of Bramble Jelly.

Harder In Heels-Lisa Oliver PDF

Jbst said...

Hope you're feeling better. My allergies and asthma been acting up this time of the year.
Victory's Portrait by Tali Spencer

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