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Monday, September 12, 2016


I did not forget yesterday; it just seemed better to me to wait until today to celebrate the winners.

How is everyone doing? Charlie got allergy tested again today-- last time was blood-drawn, this time it was skin testing-- and she is highly allergic to peanuts, milk, egg whites, moderately allergic to wheat, tuna, shrimp, soy, walnuts...and most of the plants in South Texas. I think everyone who lives in South Texas is allergic to the whole damn area. Anyway, now we know why taking her off wheat didn't stop her hives and severe eczema.

Other than that, everyone's well here. It's been a kind of lazy day, just cleaning around the house and such. I'm working on a short story to turn into Pride by Thursday, then some stuff for Beany.

I hope y'all had a fun weekend. :D

Now, on to the winners, chosen via random.org!

Congratulations to:

Tekikat said...
Good to hear y'all are getting better....it's the mold here in Texas. My son is finally settled in Japan so now I'm "single" again after 30 years! Talk about an adjustment... anyway I would love to read Mate Call by Amber Kell in PDF please. Thanks Bailey :-)

and to

Avalie said...
I'm sure 'crud' can't be what I think it is. So is it another name for a cold?
Did some gardening today - and got stung by nettles.

Thirty days by Shayla Kersten


Tekikat said...

OMG....this is my lucky day! Charlie has allergies galore....that's Texas for you.

Avalie said...

Thank you so much for the book

Shorty Chelle said...


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