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Monday, October 24, 2016


The Brilliant and Amazing Beany Sparks has generously donated her ARe freebie code for this contest! Woot! Thank you Beany! Here's Beany's website and publishing site if y'all want to check it out. She's really a wonderful person, author, friend, business owner-- all-around amaze :D

Beany Sparks!

Rainbow Ninja Press

Now, the contest and deadline to enter--

We've done this before :-( Y'all regular blogees know the drill but I'll explain it for any newcomers. This is a chance to win a book that's on your ARe wishlist. Comment below with the title of the book you want, and if your comfortable doing so, your ARe address. If you aren't, that's fine. I'll be announcing the winner on here anyway. 

The gift code expires on November 2nd, so I will be picking a winner via random.org on Oct. 31st! In the evening of course :D 

So get those books listed here for your chance to win! 

And thank you, Beany, for your generosity! <3


Avalie said...

Divergence by Lyn Gala
Enjoying this series!

Tekikat said...

Thanks Bailey and Beany! Timing by Mary Calmes in pdf please!

KarenJ said...

Thanks Beany for the coupon code and Bailey for putting on the contest!
Guarding His Mark by SA Welsh in epub

Linda said...

Kieran by Toni Griffin
Thank you!!!

AiboPals said...

Thanks ever so much Beany and Bailey
Granby Knitting Stories
By: Amy Lane (it's a pre-order)

Cinders Osborne said...

Chained to the Tigers bed by kexel


Nichole said...

This is really cool for Beany to do this. She is one of my other favorite authors.

Smart Bart by AKM Miles

Miranda P said...

Thank you Beany!

Bluewater Blues by G.B. Gordon


ShirleyAnn said...

Thank you I'd love to win "Smart Bart" by AKM Miles


nikirenee said...

It's Okay
Series: Scarcity Sanctuary Series
By: AKM Miles

thanks for the chance.

Kim Whaley said...

Thank you for the contest.
Declawed By Elizabeth Monvey

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