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Monday, October 24, 2016

WINNERS! I know, late again...

But, it might make Monday better for a few people?

How is everyone? We're all okay here. I took the boot off and started using a wrap because fuck that. I can walk fine with a little support and the swelling is all gone anyway.

I've been on a cleaning spree for a while now, doing that intense, start at the baseboards kind of cleaning. Let's hope that impulse ends soon.

Now, on to the winners, and stay tuned for a new contest post coming later today! Thank you to everyone who shared a bit of their life with us!

Okay, on to the winners, chosen via random.org! All winners, please email me with your ARe addie :-) Even if I've sent you a prize before, because I want to make sure addresses are current. <3

Congratulations to:

Donna said...
My weekend was quiet compared to yours. I just have some sore muscles form moving some furniture. My daughter and her boyfriend have been refinishing the rooms upstairs for my large bedroom and it was finally finished, so Saturday was moving day. That and I have been sewing my Halloween costume. It's Queen of Hearts meets Day of the Dead. Leaving for a long over due visit with friends and fellow writers in Mass. Dalton Diaz does a great haunted house and this year I am going down early and spending several days and then on to another friend's house for some more R&R. Will post pics of costumes on FB. I hope your ankle heals soon and hugs for Amber's face.

Nichole said...
Ouch! Hate how those boots mess with the rest of you body while you are wearing them. I've been catching up on a game I hadn't played in awhile that you play online and of course reading when not working. Hope you all heal quickly.

AiboPals said...
Dang hun that's a lot of ouch, gladly I had a totally non drama weekend, totally snoresville LOL, literally too hehe

Kim Bytheway said...
Spent weekend gardening , reading and visiting stepmother in nursing Home. Some old same old.

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Demetra said...

Congrats to the winners

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