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Monday, October 3, 2016


I have got to start moving contest announcements or rather winner announcements to Mondays, because on Sundays, I invariably end up falling asleep, exhausted, without doing the post. -_-

The weekend did zip by, just like this entire year-- make that decade, lol-- has. My mother will be turning 71 on Wednesday, so I probably won't post anything that day.

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!

And now, on to the two winners!

Congratulations to:

Margaret S said...
You have my sympathy. Hope you recover soon.
A migraine hit me as I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed last night so I took some pills. When i got up in the night I was feeling sick as well as the splitting head. This morning it was still going so another dose of pills and back to bed for several more hours. Now down to the fragile head feeling that means avoiding any sharp head movements, coughing or sneezing. Most of the week has been the unsual routine.

Harder In Heels-Lisa Oliver PDF

And to

Linda said...
Just got back from vacationing at the beach and trying to get back to my regular routine (so hard to do!).

Velvet Claw by L.J. Hamlin

I will get y'all's books sent out tomorrow if not sooner.

Thank you to everyone for playing. There'll be another contest this week! <3

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Shorty Chelle said...

Congrats to the winners.

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