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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


All right. This has been a day of utter fuckery on the part of ARe. I don't know if the books I've got will still be in my account, or if they ARE still in there as I have trouble accessing it. I'm going to do the drawings immediately, and I know I said I'd write an installment, but I am so goddamned angry right now that I am not going to be able to focus.

There are thousands, tens of thousands of customers out there with books they may not get to download, pre-orders they can't get, and ARe bucks they possibly can't spend. I am angry for the customers, I am angry for the authors, and I am really pissed off over the offer made to authors.


I'm going to think about this writing gig that I used to love so much. No, I DO love it, but the business part? That is draining my soul. How many times have we seen places fold and screw people over? I'm not going to stop writing, but I am going to reconsider how I do it. I want to get back to writing for enjoyment and the love of it. That's why I write free blog stories when I've been advised not to. I won't quit. I love doing it and sharing with y'all.

Sorry. I am rambling and ranting. Contests, winners announced immediately:

Winner of Son of a Fish:

ingrid said...  **  Need your ARe address **
sounds good :)
Winner of 

Dec 26th Contest! Free Ride & A Ghoul Like You by JL Merrow

Tekikat said...
New author for me....sign me up! * Sent
Winner of Nut Cream by Jade Buchanan

Donna said...
Me, me, me. If I don't win, I am going to buy it right off.
Cinders Osborne said...
Wow would love to win! New writer 
Sula said...
A sweet novella, another book I would love to read * Sent

Winner of The Brimstone Journals: Collection One by Angel Martinez

Kim Whaley said...
Looks like Angel took it down. It's not available on the site anymore. kimwhaley@gmail.com * Sent

Winner of Hotline by Quinn Anderson

Shorty Chelle. * Sent

Going on ARe right now to see if I can send these out. Ingrid, I don't know if I have your email addie. 


Shorty Chelle said...

Thank you Bailey. I am so sorry all this happening to everyone. Know that you are loved and have fans who want you to keep writing your stories. **huggz** <3

Congrats to the winners.

Heather Lane said...

I am so sorry this is happening for you and everyone else. It is just wrong! But I love your stories and books, they have helped me to escape during many a difficult time. Thank you for that!

ingrid said...

ititus@excite.com if the ARe one isn't the one you are looking for

ingrid said...

Thank you. You were very generous and I appreciate it :)

Demetra said...

Congrats everyone. Bailey too bad you can't get your money back from your earlier contest. With the amount of books being pulled off the shelves it is a little difficult to buy something....which is too bad.

AiboPals said...

Thanks so much for all you're generosity Bailey, on a personal note I understand many authors have been left severely out of pocket on this crap, I hope they are strong enough to give the middle finger to all the companies and people that keep doing shit like this and keep on writing.

As a reader I was very dependent on ARE as many publishers wouldn't sell to me as I am in the UK, so ARE was my only choice if I wanted unrestricted formats, aka not Kindle only, or Kobo only, as a result I had a large credit of ebucks, which I can only assume I have no chance in hell of ever seeing again, which also means I won't have the funds to buy any where as many books as I had hoped, luckily I have a separate budget for Pride Pub, Dreamspinner etc. Many authors I could only get through ARE will now no longer be an option for me, Thank goodness Miss Bailey you are not one of them, I would be devastated.

Here is wishing 2017 brings joy to you all

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