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Friday, December 30, 2016


I honestly haven't meant to be gone; there've been more health issues or rather more appointments for health issues for my youngest, Sierra, who will be turning 18 in April. Ever since she had her gallbladder removed, she has had increasingly worse problems until she is afraid to get more than half an hour away from the house. Today was blood work and ultrasound; Tuesday it's endoscopy and colonoscopy. TMI? Well, I am worn out, stressed out, and burned out.

However, I am not burned out on writing. I WILL finish the blog story, and start a new one, and continue with those and I WILL have contests, though I don't like Amazon so we'll have to see how to do this-- together. I welcome y'all's input.

Even more, I welcome and am so very grateful for y'all's support. Yes, what has happened this past week especially has been shitty. But you know what? The support and anger on the behalf of those affected? The outrage over the treatment of customers, authors, publishers, and employees? My heart swells with that kind of support. So thank you, all of you, who have spoken out, privately to me or otherwise. Y'all have made a horrible situation bearable. 

Not fun, of course. I refuse to sign the shitty settlement, so the two books I have with ARe will be tied up for who knows how long.

On top of that, a large percentage of my sales from Pride were from ARe...so that will be a pretty damned big kick in the teeth. Over 80 books there, and-- well, there are other authors losing a lot more, so I'm shutting up with the 'poor me' crap.

The point to all of this is, with the ARe shit and my baby girl having such bad health problems right now, I'm a bit frazzled and short on time. I'll let y'all know how things go Tuesday; however, we aren't likely to get the results until we go back Jan. 17th. That two week wait is going to suck majorly.   I hope they find out what's wrong and fix it, because Sierra is practically a prisoner in her own home. She has to take meds to make a drive longer than her tolerable length of time. There's more, but I'm not going to go on about it.

This year has been rough. I've written...not much. Everyone I know has had a rough time. Just remember-- there's a community here for y'all. We all have each other's backs, and if anyone needs to vent or talk or whatever, y'all can do that here, or email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com

I'm signing off for the night. Got to get some sleep, maybe. <3


Donna said...

Hugs to Sierra, that really sucks to have that type of problem. I have IBS and during the years they were trying to figure out what it was I was a prisoner. Once they figured it out and I got on the right diet, stopped eating the bad stuff and avoided the stessors, life was much easier and I could pretty much go anywhere. I hope her solution turns out to be as easy. Good Luck

Tekikat said...

Oh Bailey, I'm so sorry thes5 events are happening to you and your family... I remember a year ago I was jobless and uncertain about the future and that was the worst feeling! They will come to pass...hang in there, we are here for morale support!

Kim Whaley said...

Back you to Bailey. If you need to vent, you know my email. :) I hope they figure out what's wrong and fix it quickly. Thank you for continuing to write. I'm pretty sure Pride Publishing is one of the ones that will do the royalties for their published books sold on ARe. Might want to check with them. I know other publishers are going to honor.

Shorty Chelle said...

I feel for you regarding ARe. It was shitty what they pulled on everyone. But I wholeheartedly believe in Karma and when she strikes she kicks ass. So ARe will get theirs eventually. :) As to Sierra. I am so sorry she is having a rough time of it. I sincerely hope the doctors figure out whats wrong and get it straight quickly. You take your time about the writing. There is no rush. Love you Bailey. **huggz** <3

Anonymous said...

I have empathy, but know in yourself that you are going into this with the right attitude, my youngest kept having mild strokes,6 months later, a week before her 21st she had her 2nd open heart surgery to repair 3 holes in her heart. I wouldn't worry too much about ARE your books are soooo GOOD that everyone will just be buying them from Pride now, I know I will.

Lisa Linkous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your baby. I hope all the test will uncover the issuesame and she feels better soon.

Melinda said...

This is the 5th website I purchased books from that has closed. Sad part is that I started purchasing from from All Romance to avoid loosing all my books. Had 228 books there. Good thing that I purchased about 99% of your books on Pride. Hopefully they will not be going anywhere.

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