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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Life update :D

Sorry for being away. Sierra had her procedures yesterday; the gastro did some biopsies and found some pre-ulcerations in her stomach. Her ultrasounds and blood tests were fine. Next to go is an MRI to check for a gall stone that might have been left in the duct to her liver.

So that's where we are there.

Now, in regards to the ARe shit. I am still furious about that. Not on my behalf, really. Everyone who was able to get around the VAT tax, all the readers who lost books, money, ARe bucks, pre-orders...faith in publishers, because ARe DID start pubbing on their own, too. Maybe a loss of faith in people, too. What kind of person does this?

I don't understand that. I screw up all the time. I do things mean and wrong-- don't we all? But I don't TRY to do those things.  The mean and hurt part of me escapes sometimes. I'm human, and mistakes and being an asshole at times is a human thing.

But that's not what happened at ARe, not at all, and we know it.

I will be writing. But thanks to this fuckature, I will also be working part time.

The blog story will pick back up over the weekend. Probably Sunday.

I already have plans for the next blog story. The ideas and writing aren't stopping.

Thank you ALL for your support. Y'all are amazing, and make my heart swell when things like this happen.



Kim Whaley said...

Hugs Bailey. As a reader, it was devastating. I had been a member since 2012. I'm glad you are still writing. Thank you. Now, to get some time to read the last blog story.... :)

KarenJ said...

Poor Sierra. She's awfully young to be having all these issues. As for the ARe fiasco, I hope that at some point you authors will be able to take some legal action against them because it isn't right what was done to any of you.

Luckily for me I started backing up my books a few years ago. I'm not sure I had backed up all of the books I purchased but it was a significant amount for sure. Certainly more so than other people were able to do.

I did have a book pre-ordered and unfortunately it was a book published by them and I used my ARe bucks to get it so I got screwed out of that. That's nothing compared to what other people got screwed out of though so I'm not complaining. It was the third book in the series that I was anxiously waiting for so that's a bummer. Especially since I don't know what will happen with releasing the book because it was published by ARe.

I just have to hope that there really is karma out there because it seems to me like an awful lot of people in the world that do truly awful things tend to get away with it.

Hang in there Bailey. Just remember that this too shall pass. I won't give you any more bullshit platitudes like, things like this just make you stronger, because that would just make me want to shoot somebody if they said that to me in your situation. Another reason that I can't ever own a gun. 🤣😂🙃 You think I'm kidding.

Cinders Osborne said...

Sorry to hear about you needing to work outside of writing, and please give big hugs to Sierra! Good vibes and prayers for her

L.M. said...

Hugs and love because sometimes it's just shit out there.

Shorty Chelle said...

Hopefully they will found out one way or another what is going on with Sierra. My thoughts and prayers are with ya'll. Regarding ARe. I have yet to purchase another ebook since the ARe fiasco as I now do not trust any sort of site that sells ebooks. Why? Whose to say another site won't go under as well? Plus the fact I hate amazon and any format other than PDF (adobe acrobat). I prefer PDF myself. Though not the adobe digital format as that resembles mobi format as well. So I'm at a loss as to where to buy ebooks anymore. Some say buy straight from publisher. O.k. well I read books from all different authors and do not relish having to go to several different sites to purchase the books lol. Others say buy from amazon. No! lol. Until I find a site that has PDF format (adobe acrobat) and most authors that I read are on the site, I will probably refrain from purchasing anymore ebooks for the forseeable future. **huggz** <3

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