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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Well, it's not totally new. I've added a chapter and a little more to And the Stars Danced-- and now, Stars is out at Rainbow Ninja Press! It won't be available anywhere else for a few weeks at least. After ARe, I'm inclined to hope for better publisher-site sales so the risk is much less likely of me getting ripped off like that again. I know that ePubs have burned people too, but Beany Sparks would never cheat anyone, and neither would Pride or Loose-Id, the only ePublishers I have personal experience with. I am sure there are others out there :-)

And The Stars Danced

My, my, what a pretty cover Beany made!

Remember, this is what y'all voted for, a sci-fi space story with tentacle sex. Okay maybe not ALL of y'all mentioned that but I know someone did, and so the tentacles happened. And it was fun :D


Elliot's always been an outcast—the crazy one in the family—mocked by people and locked in psych wards more times than he can count. His life was normal until he saw the stars move.
But a person can only take so much torment, so much pain. Elliot might or might not be mentally ill. He doesn't know. What he is sure of is that he's had enough.
And if he thought his life was strange before, when he finds himself abducted and held in a secret government facility populated with AI'sArtificial Intelligence beingsall the scary things he's experienced before then can't compare to what they want to do to him.
Karl is an artist whose only companion is his Irish wolfhound, Ian. His current work is a sheet of copper he finds himself puncturing in an erratic manner. Then one night he steps outside, and the stars move.
Elliot, Karl and Ian are about to embark on an adventure that will send them running for their lives, and into a reality they would never have imagined possible. Outer space, new worlds, and old treachery await them, along with very shocking revelations about what and who they really are.

If you'd like a chance to win a copy, comment below. One winner will be chosen on Sunday (oops, Monday!), around 10 PM-is Central time. Good luck!

Also, installment will be up tomorrow! 


Yoe said...

Hi Bailey. I bought ATSD but only realised afterwords that it is only available in epub and mobi format. Could I ask for a PDF format as this is the only format my device works with. Thanks Yoe

Beany Sparks said...

Hi Yoe,

I just checked and the PDF format is included. If you've bought more than one book then sometimes the downloadable formats are not in order on your Downloads page.
If you still can't find it email me at rainbowninjapress @ gmail.com and we'll get it sorted out :-)

Margaret S said...

Glad this gem has made it to publication. How many more gems are in your back files waiting for a dust off and spruce up. I also prefer PDF's.

Heather Lane said...

Woohoo!!!! I loved this! Off to buy it now :)

Tonya said...

Yes, can I get it in PDF format? I went to buy and then realized it did not state the format it was available in. I came to ask you and see this question was already addressed but I wanted you to know that someone else would like it in PDF format. Thanks and I am looking forward to this book for I remember the blog story and the follow up with Ian's story. BTW will Ian's story with his mates be released in a book also?

Beany Sparks said...

Hi all,

I'll update the descriptions but you get the three common formats: mobi, epub and PDF :-)

Beany Sparks said...


If you purchased multiple stories then sometimes the downloads aren't in order. If you still can't find the PDF in your downloads folder email me at rainbowninjapress @ Gmail.com and we'll figure out what's going on :-)

Nichole said...

Yay! Due to busy life stuff I missed the last 20 or so posts and you had already started on the sequel when I came back so it was hard to find where I left off and read the whole thing so there were a few things I was confused on during the sequel.

Miranda P said...

Was excited for this blog story to be printed.

AiboPals said...

I am so happy this is done and with Miss Beany, I know as an EU customer I have to do the payhip thing, but it works and I can't knock that

Kait said...

I would love to read the final version of this story, and winning a free copy would be great. I'm not usually a sci-fi/space story person, especially not tentacle sex stories, but I started this one when it was on your blog without realizing that it would go in that direction. When I finally figured out there would be tentacles I decided to just try to objectively give it a chance because I like your other work. I ended up surprising myself and enjoying this story quite a bit.

Tekikat said...

Awesome...glad you found a replacement for ARE....if there is a pdf version I would love it :-)

Kim Whaley said...

I've been waiting for this to be published. :) I would love to win a copy (all formats, but epub if only one can be sent). I'll buy it if I don't won. :D

nikirenee said...

this was a great story, I can't wait to see what you added.

me please. :) thanks

ingrid said...

Sounds good :)

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