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Monday, February 27, 2017

Installment coming tomorrow! And contest tomorrow, too!

I have not forgotten about y'all or the blog. Hubs had surgery Thursday, and the surgeon had to drill through his ulna bone to anchor the biceps/tendon back in place. So he's hurting; then Mom scared the shit out of us all when she fell at the mall while she was out with Amber and the kids. There was a long piece of metal sticking out that shouldn't have been, and Mom went down hard. The metal cut her foot, her right knee is double-sized, she skinned about six inches of her forearm, has bruises all over, couldn't move her shoulder, has a blue-black finger-- BUT, she didn't break any bones or have a concussion.

So, it's been a little too exciting here. Everyone is going to be bubble-wrapped or duct-taped in place. Something.

The Hubs has to keep his arm in a sling & cast until the end of next week. Mom has to go to the doctor this week to have all her injuries checked on.

Other than that (O.o)  things are chill here. I had another piercing done when we were on vacation. This piercing is at the top of my ear, then yesterday I had my left nostril pierced. That was easy compared to the daiths or tragas. Two more holes in my head, because you just can't ever have enough apparently :D

I hope y'all have a fabulous evening and are all happy and recovering from Monday!



Cinders Osborne said...

I imagine we will wait until you get to breathe for a moment!

Heather Lane said...

I hope everyone stays safe and sound! And also that the recoveries go well.

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