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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Metamorphoses Ch. 10

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Ten

It was so hard not to pull Murph aside and ask him questions about his first trip to Raider and Chellie’s place. Clyde scrubbed at his forehead as if he had an ache there. He didn’t, but his thoughts were scattered, mainly staying on Raider rather than the studies Clyde had been worrying about Raider.
“Come eat!” Kurt bellowed from downstairs.
Giving up on studying, Clyde headed to the bathroom. After washing his hands, he trotted downstairs for dinner. Clyde sat across from Murph and had to work at keeping silent on the matter of Raider.
The food was good—vegetable lasagna with homemade vegan ricotta. There was little conversation for several minutes while everyone enjoyed their meal.
Then it started, the typical sibling torture.
“Clyde’s got a crush, his heart’s turned to mush, wants a kiss but got a diss—“
Clyde rolled his eyes at Faith, who was no doubt hoping to piss him off. She was irritating him, but not for the reasons she might have thought. “Your vocal range is reminiscent of nails on a chalkboard, but not that good.”
“That’s true,” Murphy agreed, snickering. “Pretty sure my ears are bleeding.”
“Because all the stupid is leaking out,” Faith shot back. “Have fun scrubbing toilets today? Meet anyone you know floating around in there?”
“Everyone stop picking on each other,” Kurt ordered. “That’s my job.”
“You’re failing at it,” Clyde retorted jokingly as he picked up his empty plate. “Excuse me. Dinner was great, Dad. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome,” Kurt replied. “I’m not failing at it, either. I’m just building up my reserves for when I really need to let loose.”
He probably was. Clyde smiled and stood up before taking his dirty dishes to the sink. He rinsed them off then put them in the dishwasher.
It had been two days since Raider had been carted away by Chellie. Clyde did kind of have a crush on him, and he definitely wanted some kisses, along with other things.
Those ‘other things’ had provided Clyde with plenty of spank bank material. In fact, his dick was chafed from jacking off so much.
And from that particular hell, he’d learned not to slap scented lotion on his very sensitive, irritated skin. Clyde hadn’t cried for years until the moment when his pecker had burned like it’d been set on fire then doused in alcohol. He wasn’t going to touch that part of himself any more than he needed to for the next few days—and he’d be sticking to Vaseline for lube, thank you very much!
When he was back in his bedroom upstairs, Clyde stood by the window, staring out at the stars brightening the sky.
Kurt and Gladys had barred any of their kids from leaving the house until they knew it would be safe. How they’d know when that was, Clyde couldn’t have guessed. He didn’t want to pepper them with questions about it, not when they were so obviously worried. They were concerned that LeHorne now knew it’d been Murphy who’d freed the animals, which made sense, considering all the security cameras LeHorne had in that room.  
If he knows it was Murph, then Raider should be safe. There was the fake ID, too He wondered if Raider had been seen at a hospital under another fake name, and just what kind of ID magic Chellie could work.
A knock at his door had Clyde turning away from the window. “Come in,” he called out as he began to walk to the door.
Murphy came in, a big, sneaky-looking grin on his face. “I can help you out, bro.”
Clyde stopped and frowned. “Murph, have you been gnawing on some pot leaves? What’re you talking about?”
Murph rolled his eyes then pushed back a lank of dark, messy hair, tucking it behind one ear with his long fingers, the nails of which were painted a bright purple. “You know Dad took my stash. Again. So nope, I’m not high, more’s the shame.”
Honestly, there wasn’t much difference in Murph when he did have a little pot except that he wasn’t quite as annoying. It was legal where they lived, but their parents were still very much against anyone in the house using it. Murph was very much against himself not having any. It was, at times, a battlefield between Murph, Ken and Gladys.
Clyde stayed out of it. “Is that what you came to tell me?”
Murph shrugged. “Nope. I was gonna give you loverboy’s address.” He wrinkled his nose in a show of distaste. “You’ll probably have to fight that she-demon to see him, but you could take her. Maybe. If you catch her by surprise. I think she’s supposed to work later today.”
Clyde bit his bottom lip while he thought it over. The things his brother said were often just off-base, but not this time. Clyde barely kept back a sigh of exasperation. “Murph, I don’t want to take Chellie on, and she’s not a she-demon. She’s someone who loves Raider, and it’s cool that he has her.”
“He’s gay,” Murph said bluntly. “Their place wasn’t too bad when I showed up there today. I’m still working on organizing the kitchen. Chellie wants to put things where they just shouldn’t be put,” Murph continued. “Raider seems like a tidy guy, no stiff socks in the bed or hamper, stuff like that. And I know he’s gay ‘cuz I heard him babbling about how sexy he thought your eyes were while he was stoned on pain meds.”
“And that makes him gay?” Clyde’s heart began to race.
“Duh, there was more to it than that, but the important things are, he’s gay, and he wants to bang ya.” Murph made a rather lewd gesture with his hips.
“Gross. Please don’t ever do that again,” Clyde begged.
Murph snickered. “Aw, come on. You know you wanna learn my moves.”
“What I want is—“
“To hear every little detail about Raider?” Murph cut in with while waggling his eyebrows. “To know how he looks, and if he’s asked me how you were?”
Clyde had tried to suppress all questions he might have had regarding Murph’s first day as Chellie and Raider’s housekeeper. Rather than starting the prior day, Murph had been told by Chellie to wait until today to show up.
Pride and the need to know more about Raider warred with each other. Before Clyde could stop himself, he blurted, “Fine. Tell me everything!”
Murph’s wicked expression sent Clyde’s belly plummeting. “I will once you get my stash back. I’ve got something else you can replace it with and they’ll never know the difference.”
“Or I could tell Mom and Dad you’re trying to blackmail me,” Clyde threatened.
Murph gave another eye roll. “Go for it, but you’ll never find out what else Raider said about you if you do.”

“Fuck.” It looked like Clyde was about to go snooping around his parents’ room.


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