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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Quick Babble!

PNut, Guardian of The Back Seat
Today Mom and I delivered a vehicle to Midland, Texas-- a place I've mentioned in a story or two. It was a 700+ roundtrip drive, and I'm really loving that I can spend these times with my mom. We laugh, a lot. Friday, we have to deliver a truck even further away.


Then, the Hubs and I embark on our week-long anniversary vacation. I'll try to write installments, though, and post pics of fishies or something. We're going to Rockport to fish, boat, and beach, etc.

Look at my Mom and PNut (hiding behind the tree). Aren't they adorable??

And hopefully, write. Maybe the downtime away from home will be conducive to writing. I've got so many stories, started and in my head, and they need to be told. 

On a totally different and probably gross note, I swear to whatever that I have never seen so many dead skunks in my entire life as I did on the drive today. Are skunks extinct now? Because holy shit, there were over a hundred of them. It was weird! And sad. Okay, and it kind of made me think of a story, or part of a plot for one, rather. 

How is everything going for y'all? Oh! If you're a member of my FB group, there are contests going on there-- and I am going to start contests here again, too. Screw ARe screwing us, we are NOT giving up our fun! 

*mwah* Sweet dreams, y'all! 

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Heather Lane said...

I love spending time with my mom too :) have a fun anniversary vacation!!

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