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Friday, March 24, 2017

Installment coming, depressing update below, so skip if you want to.

We got Amber and co moved out, their former rooms cleaned (and let me tell you, I shared some videos of that with some friends and they were horrified by how dirty the rooms were. I've had 5+ years of it so I knew it'd be bad), sanitized and painted one of those rooms so Sierra could have it as it's 3 times the size of the room she was in, moved her stuff in, and so on. Amber and Mike have a cute new place and I hope they love it there.

My mindfuck for the week has been losing two cats. I was going to write on the blog yesterday, but mostly I slept because I had to scoop one of our mostly-feral cats up out of the road at midnight. There were four of those cats; someone had the mom as a pet, then moved away. The mom wouldn't stay here, but her kittens did. They were a few months old then and we have never been able to get close enough to touch them-- except for the one that got run over. Donnie. Couldn't pet him, but once I managed to touch his head when he was eating. The others will come running for food, swarm your ankles even, but if you reach for them, they're gone.

The day before that, another cat I fed and often let into the house-- Bobbert-- he belonged to our next door neighbors, but you know, I should have just taken him, had him neutered, and kept him inside. Wrong or right, I don't even care, because then I wouldn't have found him Tuesday, with maggots inside and out, still alive though. The owners took him, then lost him, and didn't want me to take him to the vet because the vet might euthanize Bobbert. Well, no shit, man, but I guess it's better to let Bobbert be in agony? "Oh, we gave him Benadryl because he had mucus-- "

I can't even. It wasn't that long ago we had to have Murphy put to sleep because he developed FIP after being neutered. The vet said neutering probably activated the virus. I have never heard that one before, and I used to be a vet tech. I wonder if Murphy didn't catch FIP at the clinic. But three furbabies, and so this entire week I've been a sobbing mess. To add to all of that, Sierra was with me when we found Donnie. She and I took care of him, and while we were both crying, the Hubs didn't offer even one word of kindness. Sierra and I dug the hole for Donnie, out there at around one in the morning.

This coming week has to be better. I can't handle another one like this one.

I'm off to write. <3


Margaret S said...

Sorry to hear you had such an aweful week. Animal we care for do worm their way into our affection and we grieve for them.
Amber and Mike now have moved out and with four people less under foot hopefully your house wil settle into a quieter and calmer routine.
You have had a busy and stress filled week so take some time to rest and relax.
Good luck with the writing as you enjoy it.

AiboPals said...

I can't even find the right words to offer comfort for such a terrible week, so have a *HUG* instead

Heather Lane said...

I am so sorry for your losses. How horrible :(
I have lost two of my own fur babies over the years. Worst times of my life. I hope your week gets better.

Tekikat said...

Oh goodness..sorry for your loss. I lost 2 of my kitties...one from kidney failure and the other one died a week later from old age but I think it's because her long time pal is gone :-(

Shorty Chelle said...

So sorry for your loss Bailey. **huggz** <3

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