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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Installment update and babble

Okay, I was exhausted yesterday when we got home. Couldn't sleep or concentrate. I have to pay bills and such fun stuff today, but will be writing an installment (or two?) tomorrow. I miss writing!

Mom has recovered mostly from her fall, but damned if she didn't get sick Friday/Saturday-today. She had the flu or something close to it. Charlie's got cooties now.

And! Amber, Mike, Elijah and Charlie are moving out! I'm excited for Amber and co to be starting this new adventure, but I will miss them all. I am also excited to have my house back, so to speak. It feels like I've lived in my bedroom for the past several years. However, I will always treasure the time I got to spend with my family.

Amber and Mike won't be totally moved out until next week; then y'all know what happens?

*sobs* Massive house-cleaning, furniture appropriation, (Cheap furniture, because $$ and cats with claws), room-swapping and so much more hard work.

Send booze. And chocolate.

Mom and I made two runs in a row to Odessa, which takes us about 13hrs roundtrip. It's a beautiful drive, but I miss being home. Hubs said we will probably have three more trips next week, but I am going to try to bribe Amber into driving one or two of them. Money's nice to make, but I need recuperation time in my home.

Hubs is healing up from the surgery; he still can't even lift a 1 lb weight with his right hand, though. His surgeon is supposed to get him started in PT for that.

Sierra/Naomi/ST is checking into cosmetology school, specifically makeup stuff. She also takes college classes online, but she loves makeup, might like doing hair and stuff like that, too.

And that is about all that's happening on my end. Y'all remind me to tell y'all about the next contest :D

***huggz*** Happy Thursday, y'all!


Heather Lane said...

Congratulations for Amber and co on the move! It's always exciting to find a new place, but yes a lot of work. Hope everyone will stay healthy/keep recovering. And that's awesome about ST looking into Cosmetology school! So many cool things to be able to learn and an opportunity to expand her creative and artistic skills! Thanks for the babble and have a great weekend!

Shorty Chelle said...

Wow so much going on. <3 **huggz** Bailey.

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