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Friday, May 19, 2017


So, what are y'all doing this weekend? Share :-) I'll be revising the Calendar blog story... A LOT. It'll be longer, and a shifter one and ohhh so many ideas spinning around my head. So it'll be kinda a different story. I think. Then I'll work on the other unfinished blog stories. Story. I can't remember if there's one or two, but they'll get done. I hope to have several books out here soon. Most through Rainbow Ninja Press, though I might self-pub one and see what that's like. I don't know.

I am still hacking and sneezing, but not as bad. I might even be able to do some yoga and stuff without dying. Or feeling like I'm dying.

It's been cool here, was in the 40's this morning when I took PNut for a walk. I enjoyed it though. I'd rather have cool temps than hellish ones any day. I can jump under the covers and get warm a lot easier than I can cool off.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. When the new BDSM book comes out with RNP, there'll be a contest here for a copy of it. I'm just waiting on edits and a release date.

<3 <3


Shorty Chelle said...

I do not have any plan except reading as usual lol.

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Can't wait for the new books to come out. :) **huggz** <3

nikirenee said...

Sorry you still feel a little sick. I agree it is easy to worm up than cool off.

L.M. said...

A poolside weekend here in South Florida. I am excited about your new story I can't wait! On another note, are you thinking of doing anymore of vampire stories with Claude and his coven? I just finished rereading them and wondered. Have a great weekend Bailey!

Angel Tanaka said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs

Bailey;-) said...

I am still a little migraine-y but thank you, Shorty Chelle ***huggz*** <3

Bailey;-) said...

nikirenee, thank you. I think part of my problem is adjusting to the altitude :D

Bailey;-) said...

L.M., I haven't decided if I'll be writing anymore for Pride, so I don't know. I'm kind of a mess right now and probably not in the best headspace, though I'm still in a better one than before I left!! A weekend by the pool sounds divine!!

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