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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Power Series Cover Art!

So here is the gorgeous cover created by Beany Sparks for the first book in the Power Series!

I love it!

I'll have the release date soon, but it should be out next week, on Rainbow Ninja Press and Amazon both.

Here are the unedited blurbs for the series and stories in Book 1 :D

Power Series Blurb

Intense, emotional, trusting: the power exchange between a Dom and sub is a complicated, amazing thing. Power Series brings stories of this bond and the men who are fortunate enough to discover it—and the love of their lives.


Hank had been admiring Master Thomas from a distance for months, but there had never been an opportune time for him to offer his submission to the Dom. Master Thomas had been dedicated to his sub… who was now flirting with everyone at the club except Master Thomas.

Their contract together was up, or so the gossips said, and Master Thomas looked as if he’d lost that shine of confidence that Hank loved to see in him. In fact, Master Thomas seems so miserable, Hank just might be prodded into getting up and doing more than just sneaking peeks at him.

With a little nudge from his friend Larry, Hank presents himself to the Master he’s wanted for so long. He doesn’t know where the leap of faith will take him, Larry only knows that he must do something to help Master Thomas shake off the dejection that was holding him down.


Larry isn’t into BDSM and sex. He’ll take one or the other, thank you. He’s had trauma in his life, and the way it affected him ensures that he keeps everyone at a distance—even his best friend, Hank.

After a family emergency keeps him away from town for several months, Larry returns and realizes that in order to move away from the past, he must make changes. Learning to trust is one of them.

When he plows into Bo, a Dom wearing a leather executioner’s mask at the club, Larry has no idea just how much his life is going to be altered. Larry doesn’t just submit to anyone, and his scene with Bo is unlike those he’s had with other Doms.

But he doesn’t expect for there to be another scene with him and Bo, and is surprised to discover that there is more to himself, and to Bo, than what happened in the playroom.

I hope y'all will give the series a try! <3 


Shorty Chelle said...

Love it.

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, Shorty Chelle! <3 ***huggz***

AiboPals said...

Oooo I love the blurbs I am looking forward to it :D

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, AiboPals! I'm excited!

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