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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


So, I finished up a short story, BDSM one, and it'll be coming out soon from Rainbow Ninja Press. It's actually two short stories combined into one book, set, something. A year or so ago, I had a short story come out in Torquere Press' anthology. When they went down, I got my rights back. I took that short story, added to it by a few thousand words, then wrote a sequel to it for a secondary character that was in the first one.

That's the first bunch of writing I've done in months. Beany's got a fabulous cover made that I hope to share soon, and I also hope y'all like the story set and help spread the word about it.

Writing the new story and revising the old one taught me something about the industry end of publishing. Apparently, if we priced the book under 2.99, we would only get 30% of royalties from Amazon. So, 2.99 for 12-13k seems ridiculous to me, but I get why authors/publishers price such short stories at that price. Otherwise, they'll make next to nothing, especially if the book is put out through an ePub, and that ePub only gets 30% of royalties, and the author gets 35-40% of that. That isn't much, unless you have a crapton of sales.

But I still didn't want to put out 13k or so for 2.99, which is how the new BDSM short got written. I told Beany, let's give readers a good size download for that price. Now, I think the book is at about 30k. That may not seem like much, but it's a lot of work writing it, especially when I've been off-track for so long.

Anyway, it sure seems like Amazon should fix the way royalties are paid out. Could be I misunderstood though. Who knows.

It was super-windy here today, and Naomi and I started our workout routine using the gym here. I am not gonna be able to fucking twitch tomorrow without being in pain.

Y'all, it's dry as fuck here. Any suggestions for dry skin? I mean, I already had dry skin, like don't towel off after a shower, apply some kind of moisturizing cream or coconut oil immediately after getting cleaned up, and so on. But that's not cutting it here, and my heels... well y'all know how that goes. No more wearing flip flops for me.

I have to be careful of what I use, too, because I don't want my mom to slip in the shower or anything. We've got a mat but I am paranoid.

Naomi has decided to take a few college classes out here if she can. I hope she can get out and meet people, if that's what she wants to do. If not, as long as she's happy, that's what matters.

I'm off to bed. I hope y'all have a fantabulous evening! <3


Tekikat said...

Hiya Bailey - can't wait to read it. I started laughing when you talked about the weather,...its just like Vegas...its dry heat and it feels like roasting in the oven! I use olive oil to moisturize and use salt as loofah to remove dead skin...I do this once a week...after you shower your skin will feel dewy!

Bailey;-) said...

Thanks, Tekikat! I will try that. I had to get those gel-things for my heels at night, and I swear, I should have lost ten pounds in water evaporation, lol. But I'm just so much happier. How are you liking Vegas?

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