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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wiggle Ch. 3

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Three

“Who the fuck—“ Bowen sat up, snarly because he really had wanted to relish the afterglow. Sex with Chiz had melted most of his brain cells. The man was made for sex, but he was also more than that.
Bowen would have to deal with decided how much of that ‘more’ he wanted to get to know later. After he dealt with the asshole pounding on the door. “I’ll get it.”
Chiz snorted. “My place. I’ll get it. What fucking asshole thinks it’s cool to come pound on my door in the middle of the night?”
“One who wants your neighbors to call the cops?” Bowen guessed as he got up, moving fast to try to beat Chiz to the door.
Chiz didn’t bother with clothes. He zipped into the living room and Bowen, naked as well, was fast on his heels. “No one in the neighborhood calls the cops,” Chiz informed him before skidding to a stop. “I shoulda bought one of those peep-hole things.”
“Let me get the door,” Bowen demanded.
Chiz rolled his eyes. “Back off. You can be bossy in the sack but that’s it.” He unlocked the chain, then the deadbolt. “Whoever the fuck you are, stop beating on my door, you fucking twat!”
Bowen smirked. Chiz had quite a foul mouth on him, though maybe it was due to his afterglow being interrupted.
“Chiz—“ Bowen shut up when Chiz flung the door open and stepped in front of him.
On the other side of the door stood a giant of a man, and he didn’t look happy, either.
“What the fuck is your problem, asshole?” Chiz snarled.
Bowen winced. Maybe Chiz needed to learn to control his temper.
“Big talk for a little guy,” said the stranger.
Chiz moved in a flash, and the man hit the floor. “Big and stupid. Figures.”
Bowen pulled Chiz back. “Shut the door!”
They weren’t fast enough. The big man rolled to his knees and lunged into the apartment.
At least Bowen got Chiz out of the way. “Get a bat or something!”
“A bat?” Chiz scowled. “I hate bats! They have rabies!”
“Heh.” The intruder stood up. “And he called me stupid!”
Bowen grunted while Chiz called the man a few choice names.
“Look, you little shit, I’m Dare Jenkins, and I want to know why you left my brother unconscious on the bathroom floor of my club!”
Shit! Bowen didn’t wait for Chiz to say anything else. Despite wanting to avoid more violence, Fate seemed determined to force Bowen into another fight. He swung, hard, and his fist
Landed in Dare’s grip. “I don’t think so, asshole.”
Chiz came in low and Dare roared as he went down again.
Bowen jerked his hand free and grabbed Chiz by one arm. Chiz swung around and the next thing Bowen knew, he was going down right by the club owner.
“I can take care of myself, Bowen!” Chiz snapped. “And I’m not stupid, you big, fuckin’ idiot! I’m sex-addled and you broke into my place!”
“I didn’t break in!” Dare yelled. “You didn’t tell me I couldn’t come in, and the door was open!”
“That doesn’t mean come in, or roll in, whatever!” Bowen sprung to his feet. “And your brother is a sick piece of shit, and you are, too, barging in here and trying to intimidate us. Ain’t happening.”
Chiz nodded. “That’s right. Come at me or Bowen and I’ll serve you your balls on a platter. Well, a paper towel. Or maybe toilet paper. I think I’m out of paper towels.”
Dare blinked and eyed Chiz cautiously as he sat up. “Are you crazy?”
“No, I just hate bullies,” Chiz snapped. “Although I do like the way you hit the floor. That part is fun, but the whole disturbing my time with Bowen blows.”
“Look.” Dare sighed and scrubbed at his head. “Maybe I did this wrong. I just wanted to know what happened to my brother. His friends all claimed you two jumped them.”
Bowen scoffed at that. “Right. Because we would do that just for shits and giggles. Your brother and his buddies wanted to fuck Chiz—“
“And you,” Chiz added.
“Whether he—er, we—were interested or not. So if you consider threatening to rape us an acceptable thing to do “ Bowen shrugged. “There’s no hope for you ever being a decent human being.”
“Shit. Goddamn it.” Dare fisted one hand and hit the floor. “He fuckin’ just got out of prison last week! If his parole officer finds out about this—“
“Oh, his parole officer will find out about this,” Chiz assured him. “Thanks for the tip.”
“He’ll go back to prison. Mama is going to be so pissed off at me.” Dare, despite being huge, seemed to shrink down into himself. “She’s gonna be really mad. She’s big on that whole brother’s keeper thing.”
“Dude.” Chiz sighed. “Aren’t you a little old to be worried about what mommy thinks?”
“You don’t know my mom,” Dare muttered. “And I’m not that old. I bet you’re older than me.”
Bowen stared at Dare. The man was huge, and that was saying something coming from Bowen, who wasn’t exactly small. Bowen was an even six-feet tall, and he’d last weighed in at one-ninety. He was muscular, but Dare had muscles on his muscles.
And he had white-blond hair. Bowen had thought it was gray at first, but in the dimly lit room, once he really looked, he saw that it was blond.
“I’m closer to twenty than thirty,” Chiz said. “You have to be—“
“Twenty-four,” Dare interrupted. “I took over the club from my other brother, Eddie, when he went to prison last year.”
“Jesus,” Bowen muttered. “Have you been to prison?”
Dare covered his face with his hands. “No, and I don’t wanna go! It’s like a right of passage in my family, though. It’s gonna happen.”
Bowen and Chiz exchanged glances. This was a mess of moderate proportions, but damn. It sure sounded like Dare’s entire family was fucked up.
Chiz bit his bottom lip, then let it go. “You know, you don’t have to go to prison.”
Dare was shaking his head. “It makes a man a man, mama says.”
“Wow.” Chiz rolled his eyes. “Your mom sounds like a real—“
“That’s my mama you’re fixing to say something bad about,” Dare said, lowering his hands and glaring fiercely at Chiz. “Don’t talk bad about my mama.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Chiz pointed at the door. “Get the hell out of my place! I don’t have the patience for dumbasses with mommy issues. And brother issues. And prison goals. Get!”


Lisa Linkous said...

I love Chiz!

nikirenee said...

Oh too funny. Chiz is a trip. I love it so far. :) glad things are going better for you. stay strong.

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, Lisa Linkous!

Bailey;-) said...

We needed some Chiz in our lives (man, that is probably NOT the best name I could have picked, hmmmmm) Thank you so much, nickirenee! ***huggz***

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