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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wiggle ***NSFW***

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

*I wasn't late or forgetful, this is a looooong and sexy installment! <3

Chapter Two

Though he’d kept it a secret ever since he’d met Bowen, Chizzy had had a thing for the sexy cowboy. But Chizzy also was a realist, and he’d known Bowen only wanted to get off, so Chiz had kept himself from daydreaming about the possibility of anything not sex-related from happening between them.
That was going to be kind of harder to do now that he had Bowen at his apartment—and those words from earlier, Bowen all cocky and claiming he could make Chiz beg—it was difficult not to hope for this to turn into something more.
“Don’t be stupid,” Chiz whispered to himself as he waited for Bowen to get out of his truck. Chiz had a little Fiat that Bowen would only be able to fit into with the help of a chainsaw. He usually thought guys driving huge trucks were overcompensating, but he knew how big Bowen’s cock was, and the truck really was a ranch truck.
Cowboys had always turned Chiz on, and Bowen was no exception—except maybe he was, because Bowen fascinated him, especially with all that toppy-talk.
"I just need to get ready," Chiz said when Bowen finally strode to him. "I won't take long. Let me show you to my bedroom." It wasn't a great apartment, but Chiz could afford it and he kept it clean. Even so, he didn't turn the lights on, instead grabbing Bowen by one hand and leading him to the bedroom. 
There, Chiz flipped on the light switch and gestured to the bed. "Got a king size one." 
Bowen waggled his eyebrows. "I know you're well-hung-- "
Chiz snorted and gave him a gentle push. "I'll be right back. Make yourself at him. And by that, I mean get naked, and the stuff is in the drawer there."
"Got it." Bowen strolled toward the bed and Chiz darted into the bathroom.
Chiz finished cleaning up and stepped out of the bathroom to find Bowen totally naked, sprawled out on the bed, his fat cock erect and in his hand.
“Thought you got lost in there,” Bowen teased. He had his head propped up on the pillows, and he looked Chiz over slowly. “Ain’t seen you naked before. Wanna give me a show?”
Chiz did like to show his body off. He might not be a muscle-hound, but he had a nice, trim form and an ass most guys would die for.
“You want a show?” Chiz tipped his head back, showing off his long neck. He stroked down it, from chin to collarbone, while using his other hand to caress his chest. “You want me to touch myself?”
Rather than waiting for an answer, he plucked at one nipple, then the other, and moaned as sparks of fiery lust zipped from his tits to his dick. “Mmmm.” He pinched and played with his nipples as his dick grew harder.
“Turn around,” Bowen ordered huskily. “Lemme see that gorgeous ass.”
Chizz had no inhibitions at all. He slipped his hands down, then around to his butt, and after he turned around to present that bubble to Bowen, Chizz kneaded his own ass cheeks. “You want to see more?”
Bowen’s grunt was answer enough for Chiz. He bent at the waist, and at the same time, pulled his ass cheeks apart. “Wanna fuck this little hole?” he asked. “I don’t let many people do that. You could be one of the few.” He touched his pucker with one fingertip. The skin there was hot and he clenched his asshole before poking at it.
Dry fingers weren’t his favorite thing, but it didn’t hurt to push just the tip in a little.
“Fuck,” Bowen grumbled. “Grab your ankles.”
Chiz’s eyebrows nearly arched right off his head. “Huh?”
“Bend and grab your ankles,” Bowen repeated as the bed creaked, alerting Chiz to the fact that Bowen was getting up.
“What are you gonna do?” Chiz rasped even as he let go of his ass and ran his hands down his legs until he gripped his ankles.
“I’m gonna give you some words, safe words. You know what those are?” Bowen asked.
Chiz snorted. “Yeah, with that movie—“
“Don’t even bring that up,” Bowen cut in. “I want to do so many things with you, Chiz. Might not get them all done in one night.”
Oh? Chiz’s heart raced and he wanted to ask about that, but his voice failed him.
“Red means stop, yellow means you need a break, and green means go,” Bowen explained. “I’m not gonna do anything like tie you up and gag you, but I want you to know I’ll stop anything if you say red or yellow.”
“And if I say no?” Chiz asked after swallowing a couple of times and wetting his lips. “What then?”
“I’ll stop then, too,” Bowen said. “We aren’t doing anything major, but I’d love to see that bubble butt of yours with my handprints on it.”
Chiz really hadn’t been into letting another man swat his ass. He thought it was degrading, but Bowen didn’t sound like he thought Chiz was a scumbag or a stupid hole to fuck.
But he was scared. “You really want to spank me?”
Bowen was right there behind him, Chiz could see his bare, muscular legs.
And he felt Bowen’s large, rough hands rubbing over his ass.
“I want to fuck you,” Bowen clarified, “And maybe slap your ass while I’m doing it, but I want you to understand, you’ve got the power to stop me with your words, and if you want that to include no, then it will.”
“I think it needs to, because I don’t know enough about why it shouldn’t,” Chiz replied, hoping that made sense.
“Good. You talk to me, I talk to you, and we’ll be just fine. You’ve got a gorgeous ass, Chiz, and that mouth of yours is pretty fucking amazing.”
Well, so much for feeling like Bowen might be interested in more than sex. Chiz closed his eyes. “Yeah, thanks.”
Bowen began kneading his ass with a surprisingly firm grip that bordered on painful, but didn’t quite cross that line.
Chiz approved, thought he’d never have thought he’d like that.
“You know, you impressed me tonight, and intrigue me,” Bowen said before delivering a harder squeeze. “I want to know you in more than just this way. More than just sex. Not saying we gotta date or go steady or any of that, but you’re a fascinating man.”
“Oh.” That went a long way toward assuaging Chiz’s fear that he was just a fuck toy. He’d been one before, and that was okay for some guys. He wanted Bowen to like him, though. Had wanted that since they’d first hooked up. In fact, Chiz was a little bit in major like with Bowen, not that he’d admit it.
“’Oh’ is all you got?” Bowen ghosted a digit over Chiz’s hole, then rubbed it gently.
“You expect me to think when you’re doing that?”
“How about this?”
Chiz squealed like a piglet when Bowen dropped to his knees and buried his face between Chiz’s butt cheeks so he could tongue Chiz’s hole.
That wasn’t something he’d gotten to experience often at all. Chiz forgot about gripping his ankles and instead rose up enough to slap his hands against the wall. “Yes! Eat my ass, stud!”
Bowen nipped Chiz’s ass then went back to laving over Chiz’s hole. At the same time, Bowen kept kneading Chiz’s ass, spreading his cheeks, pushing on them—then slapping one hard enough to sting.
And much to Chiz’s surprise, after he yelped, he moaned. It was as if a batch of endorphins had been released from Bowen’s hand into Chiz’s body.
Then Bowen’s tongue was prodding at Chiz’s hole, and a second later, that wiggly, wet muscle was inside of Chiz, moving, flicking, learning the secrets of Chiz’s hidden place.
Chiz mewled and arched, and after a minute or so, he began to move, small pushed back, trying to fuck himself on Bowen’s tongue.
Bowen delivered slaps and nips in between tongue-fucking Chiz, and Chiz didn’t feel cheap or stupid.
He felt like he was about to combust from lust.
Bowen reached around and pinched Chiz’s nipple, then pushed his tongue deeper into Chiz’s ass. He slapped Chiz’s butt again, and Chiz shivered, his legs went weak, and he nearly fell to his knees.
But Bowen was there, arms around Chiz, helping him to the floor. Normally, Chiz would have insisted on getting into his bed, but he went down on his knees, giving Bowen whatever he wanted.
Bowen apparently wanted to rim him until Chiz’s brain melted and for several minutes, all he could do was moan and rock back as Bowen tongued and fingered him.
He was a mewling mess by the time Bowen picked him up and carried him to the bed. Bowen draped Chiz over the side, knees on the floor, belly on the mattress. That was all Chiz had time to register before the thick, hot head of Bowen’s cock was against his hole.
“Ready for me?” Bowen asked.
Grunting was the best Chiz could do, so he nodded as well.
“Fuck yeah,” Bowen said as he began to push his dick into Chiz. “So tight and hot—“ He thrust, and Chiz’s ass lit up with pleasure that zinged from every nerve there to all pleasure points in his body.
Bowen bent over him and began licking and kissing Chiz’s neck. He growled, and the animalistic sound of that sent a shiver through Chiz.
His vision was blurry, and his brain must have been a mess, because he thought he saw thick, brown hair covering the back of Bowen’s hand. Chiz blinked a few times, and Bowen’s hand looked like a regular hand.
He quit worrying about that and just held on as Bowen began pounding into him.
Except Chiz wasn’t the kind of guy to be still. He had to push back, to brace his arms on the bed and shove his ass back for more, more, more, damn it!
Bowen didn’t go easy on him, either. He fucked Chiz harder and rougher than any other man had, and it was perfect, satisfying a need in Chiz that he’d never let anyone see.
But Bowen had known it was there, and when he rumbled in Chiz’s ear, “Beg me,” Chiz couldn’t refuse him.
“Please, do it,” he said between thrusts. “Spank my ass.”
It wasn’t like Bowen hadn’t done it before then. But he’d said he’d make Chiz beg, and Chiz was damned close to begging for it since Bowen hadn’t slapped his butt once he’d started fucking Chiz.
Bowen bit him lightly on the nape. “You remember your words.”
“Ugh!” Chiz whined. “How can you talk when you’re fucking me so hard?” Chiz had to get a word out between each slam of Bowen’s hips against his ass.
Bowen laughed darkly, then he placed one hand on the lower part of Chiz’s back and a second later, slapped Chiz’s ass, harder than he’d done before.
Chiz howled but not with pain. He was losing control of everything. He had never been pushed so far, never been so close to exposing himself in ways he couldn’t—or shouldn’t.
He bit his tongue and reached underneath himself to fist his dick. He had to come, quickly, because he was going to burn up otherwise or worse.
“Mine,” Bowen snarled, the word barley coherent. He smacked Chiz’s butt and used his other hand to pry Chiz’s away from his own dick.
Which was good, because Bowen’s big hand was rough, and slick with something—spit, lube, it didn’t matter what—which felt amazing on Chiz’s shaft.
Almost as amazing as the thick, hard cock shoving in and out of him felt. Every slap of Bowen’s balls against Chiz’s sent tendrils of pleasure-pain ricocheting through him.
Bowen growled, rumbled, fucked him even harder, and Chiz lost it before he even knew he was coming. He keened and trembled all over as Bowen rammed into him repeatedly.
Chiz’s shaft felt like it swelled with the spunk filling it before he came, hot jets splattering out wherever, he didn’t know. He was too busy rocketing into carnal perfection.
Bowen roared, the sound penetrating Chiz’s sex-haze, and he gripped Chiz tight. Bowen’s hips jerked and his cock had to be buried deeper in Chiz than anyone else’s had ever been.
Chiz was almost back to being able to breath normally when Bowen pulled out but kept a hand pressed to Chiz’s lower back.
“Ready for round two?” Bowen asked in a dark, sexy voice.
Chiz shivered. Jesus, he’d found his sexual soulmate! “Yeah!”
And when Bowen flipped him over onto his back, to fuck Chiz face to face, it was a new level of intimacy Chiz had never shared with anyone else.

It was just too bad it was interrupted by some asshole banging on the front door.


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