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Friday, June 30, 2017


Pride is going to be re-releasing my Leopard's Spots series starting in August. They'll get fresh edits and new covers, but there won't be any massive changes to the stories, just some cleaning up to them. Still, I think it's cool. They're doing the promo for Love in Xxchange now, and I just really appreciate their help.

Rory's Last Chance

I'm also going to share the link for Peyton's GoFundMe again; please share as much as you can. Thank you.

Peyton's GoFundMe

This weekend, I'll do the edits on the first two Leopard's Spots books, and if I'm lucky, I might get to write some. Not sure, though. There's a lot going on this weekend. I miss writing though; at least I get to break free on the blog!!

Here are some cute pics-- Hopefully, they'll send you off with a smile on your face!

Amber rescued this baby and his two siblings when they were days old, after their mother was hit by a truck. Toby is the only kitten that survived. He's claimed my hat <3

PNut and Miss Priss-- she is longer, taller, and furrier than he is, lol. 

Look at these cute kiddos! So glad they're here!

Wishing you all love and laughter this weekend! And be safe! <3


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