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Monday, June 12, 2017

Wiggle Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve

“Jesus, he’s heavy!” Bowen panted, praying he didn’t lose his grip on the big lug.
“Well, duh, he’s huge.” Chiz sounded just as winded. “Can you walk slower? My legs aren’t as long as yours.”
Which Bowen well knew, as he’d had those sturdy legs wrapped around his hips not that long ago. But too long ago. “Sorry.” He winced and stopped walking all together. “Help me get him in a fireman’s carry.”
“Gladly,” Chiz grumbled. “Means I won’t get a hernia.”
No, but Bowen might. Dare was taller, muscular yet lanky, and definitely not a dainty guy. Rather than sat anything else, he and Chiz worked to get Dare in position.
“Wow. He’s got a spectacular ass.” Chiz nodded. “Seriously.”
Bowen turned his head a little and said spectacular ass was right there, almost in his face. It was a leaner ass than Chiz’s, but Bowen would have bet it was all muscle. His hand tickled with the urge to cup one cheek.
“You’re not going to grope an unconscious man, are you?” Chiz snapped.
Bowen’s attention was right back on Chiz, who’s eyes looked more feral wolf than human. “No. I wouldn’t.” Chiz was stunning; it’d been so long since Bowen had been around one of his kind—I made him a shifter, without his permission. Shut the fuck up. “I’m sor—“
“Ugh!” Chiz stomped one foot. “You sound like Dare! Sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to psychically peak in on you! Sorry, I didn’t mean to draw it and make it the hottest fucking picture ever—literally! Sorry I felt the need to share it with you. Sor—“
“I get it,” Bowen replied through gritted teeth. Irked, embarrassed, he began carrying Dare to the house.
“Great. Well now I’m sorry,” he heard Chiz say behind him.
And that simply, Bowen decided to let it go. His anger and suspicion of Dare, who, honestly, didn’t seem like a bad guy. Just one who maybe wasn’t the brightest and made bad decisions. But that sketchHe obviously has skills. He’s bright as hell in some ways, obviously.
Letting go of his own guilt was harder, and maybe he couldn’t do it completely, but he was going to have to try. He would forever be sorry he’d hurt Chiz, turned him without asking. That wasn’t the kind of person Bowen was. He didn’t take what wasn’t freely given. Something inside him—his wolf—had dominated, and there had to be a reason why that was the case with Chiz.
“None of our other previous hookups had me, you know,” Bowen found himself saying as he stopped at the foot of the steps.
“We hadn’t fucked until recently,” Chiz replied, bounding up onto the porch and opening the door. He turned those yellow eyes on Bowen. “Maybe that’s the trigger.”
Bowen waited until he was beside Chiz to growl, “You aren’t the only man I’ve ever fucked.”
Chiz blinked rapidly and a proud look skittered over his face before he blanked his expression. “So I’m really the exception.”
“You’re really exceptional,” Bowen said softly, letting what was in his heart spill out. He was very.fondof Chiz, and it was as big a surprise to him as it appeared to be to Chiz, who gasped and blushed a gorgeous shade of pink.
Bowen nodded and went inside, accidentally banging one of Dare’s heels on the doorframe.
“Ow,” Dare whimpered a moment later when Bowen unloaded him onto the bed. Bowen tried to be gentle, unsuccessfully so, even with Chiz’s help.
“Sheesh. Big.” Chiz reached for one of Dare’s shoes. “Help me get these off him.”
Dare jerked his foot away from Chiz.
Chiz planted both hands on his hips. “Fine.”
“Stinky feet,” Dare said, eyes still closed. “What happened to my head?”
“You hit a tree with it. Your head has a lump but the tree was downed,” Bowen joked.
Dare opened both eyes and he grimaced as he reached for his head. “Oh shit! I’m—“
“I was joking,” Bowen interrupted. “Look, man. We need to talk. Maybe you aren’t lying about the drawing.”
“I’m not!” Dare protested, and it appeared that he was going to sit up, but Chiz darted to his side and pressed on his chest.
“Stay down.”
Dare did as Chiz ordered. “I saw it, in my head. It wasbetter than any porn I’ve ever seen.” This last was said almost at a whisper as Dare blushed from head to neck.
“And we really fucked like that,” Chiz said. “Bowen pounded me so good I think I passed out. His dick is huge.”
Well, now Bowen was blushing.
“And he bit me,” Chiz added, “And that was hot, too. He’s a fucking machine. Or a fucking fucking machine.”
Bowen scowled.
Chiz winked at him. “And more than that. Just, you know. He’s as good at sex as I am.” Chiz stared right at Bowen then, and there was nary a trace of yellow in Chiz’s eyes, but there was heat, and something more.
Bowen wanted that more. He nodded.
Chiz grinned crookedly. “So you drew the pic, wanted to get in on the sex, and sent the sketch to Bowen, then panicked. You want to get your ass pounded, too, huh?”
Dare had started protesting before Chiz finished. “N-no, I—No, no it wasn’t- I mean- I was- I—“ Dare closed his eyes and covered them with his hands. “Yes.”
Chiz shot Bowen a triumphant look.
Bowen flushed with lust but he shook his head. All he had to do was think of how he’d turned Chiz.
Chiz frowned. “You want me, too? Or just Bowen? I mean, you could have sent the pic to me. It’s not like you didn’t know where I live.”
Dare turned his head, whimpered again, then turned it the other way. “Wanted to watch him do you.”
Chiz’s smile was bright and menacing. “Well, if you aren’t about to bite it from a head wound, maybe we can entertain you.”

Bowen froze, not even taking a breath.


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I love these three together!

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That is so funny. Dare just does not know what is up.

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Love it.

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awesome chapter. :)

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Thank you, Heather Lane, Melinda, Shorty Chelle, and nikirenee!! <3

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