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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wiggle Ch. 19

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Nineteen

“Oh geez.” Dare was so nervous, he was going to have to take another shower before Chiz got there. Otherwise, he’d be a sweaty, stinky mess.
Then again, a third shower might result in all his skin sloughing off. Dare snorted and stepped in front of the old, cheap fan he had. He turned it on and was glad it still worked, even if it didn’t blow hard. At least it would keep the sweat off him for a few minutes.
The AC in the window was barely putting out, and it was just hot as hell. Maybe he shouldn’t have worn a button-up shirt? Dare scowled down at the blue fancy-ass shirt he’d splurged on at Wal-Mart. He felt like an idiot in it, and with the white undershirt, he was suffering unnecessarily.
Besides, he wasn’t going for a job interview. He was going for afor a menage interview? “Oh geez,” he muttered again. He began unbuttoning his shirt. He should just be himself, right?
Then againhe hesitated on the third button down. Bowen hadn’t seemed too keen on Dare being himself.
“But he’s a cowboy, so he—this shirt—“ Dare groaned and took the shirt off. Who was he to say that a cowboy couldn’t like to see a man dressed up? If that thin button-up was considered dressy at all. The more Dare glared at it, the cheaper it looked.
Well, he could take it back. Dare picked the shirt up and laid it over the footboard. He took the white undershirt off too, and was folding it when someone knocked at the door.
“Shit!” It had to be Chiz, because they had a plan, and that plan was to be implemented ASAP. “Just a sec!”
Dare grabbed a soft yellow t-shirt from the top dresser drawer and put the shirt on while he trotted to the door. Dumb luck kept him from tripping himself.
He’d learned not to just yank his door open anymore, thanks to his family. The last thing he wanted was another go-round with Earl, or Mama, or anyone that shared his DNA. “Who is it?”
“If you’d put in a peephole, you’d know without asking,” Chiz retorted. “Let’s go.”
Dare unlocked the door and opened it, but before he could step out, Chiz surged at him. Dare had enough time to catch him, then he was all but wearing Chiz, and being kissed so ferociously, he nearly came in his pants.
Chiz nipped at his lips, his tongue, and writhed demandingly against him. Dare had two handfuls of ass and the taste of Chiz flooding his senses. Need buzzed under Dare’s skin like an electrical current.
Dare began to slide his hands up, under Chiz’s shirt, then Chiz jerked his head back and shouted, “What the—“
Dare was a little slow in processing what was happening. He tried to keep a hold of Chiz, but Chiz was yanked away, and Dare’s lust switched to fear then anger as he saw the burly men dragging Chiz back.
“Let him go, you—“ Dare began, shutting up quick as he dodged a punch that whooshed through the air. He ducked and lunged, a combination that had him tackling the man who’d tried to hit him, Dare’s shoulder driving hard against the jerk’s package, eliciting a loud howl of pain.
Dare scampered back once they hit the ground. The guy he’d hit curled up and started to puke. Before Dare could stand, another man came at him. He spotted Chiz, noted that he wasn’t restrained, that another fucker was on the ground, unconscious. Chiz could kick ass, as Dare well knew.
That was all Dare saw before he had a huge, angry, andweird-looking man in his face. Weird-looking because there was something just not right about his features, and Dare didn’t have time to wonder what that was.
He was too busy trying to avoid punches that were coming faster than any Dare had ever faced before. And he simply wasn’t able to evade, to dodge. The hits were jackhammer fast, and took Dare down in seconds as pain exploded through his right side.
And it was as he was collapsing that his brain screamed at him—eyes! He has yellow, definitely not human eyes, and fangs! He’s a monster!
“Dare!” Chiz yelled, and Dare tried to get his arms to move, his fists to clench, but he froze as he met that unnatural yellow-eyed glare.

“Smart man,” Dare heard a moment before something solid connected with the side of his head, then the world went black.


Melinda said...

Man. This is just not their day. Can't wait for more.

AiboPals said...

Uhoh that's not good, first the jerkoff attacks Bowen, now someone, possibly the same jerkoff or one of his goons attacked Chiz and Dare, power mad lunatics are so predictable LOL

nikirenee said...

sh@t, their in trouble. where is Bowen?

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, Melinda!

Bailey;-) said...

AiboPals, you are on the same train of thought I'm riding! :D

Bailey;-) said...

Lol, nikirenee :D I read that as 'shat' because you know, potty mouth here. :D

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