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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thank you all

Thank you all for the many comments and kindnesses. I apologize for not replying on an individual basis; it's been a rough couple of weeks, and honestly, y'all's comments and encouragement, and getting to write the blog story, have been most of the brightest spots during these times.

As much as I'd like to explain more, the blog isn't private, and anyone can view it, so that limits what I'm sharing.

I have, however, been considering starting a Patreon-- but I don't know. I see a few successful ones, and a lot of them that aren't doing so well. Not sure I need that kind of stress. I'd intended to go back to college, but things are making that impossible at this time.

I've also been considering starting my own publishing company for my books. Not really a company; more like another blog with just the books etc., and links to their sale sites. But again, I don't know, and right now, I'm just musing things over in my head an here on the blog.

But, I always like to think of some good things when I'm down, too, so--

At least there is the only Monday in the week :D Once we're passed tomorrow, the rest of the week has to be easier, right?

PNut is cuddled beside me.

I stayed up until 3 AM talking with Mom and Naomi, which was nice. We watched videos-- Have y'all seen Chris Cornell signing Nothing Compares 2 U ?? Chris Cornell
Or Layne Staley sing anything. I loved his voice and believe was one of the most beautiful men ever. I know a lot of people won't agree with me there, but I've always found men who aren't 'classically handsome' to be the most...handsome. Eddie Vedder has always rocked my boat, too. More good things, remembering the music that I've always enjoyed.

Being here on the blog brings me peace. I had so much fun writing, and actually finishing, Wiggle. Though why the hell I picked out the title of Wiggle, I have no idea. I always think I should name stories after I write them, because otherwise. whatever word or words are in my brain, becomes titles under pressure. O.o Thank you all for riding along with me on Wiggle, too.

I wish you all a Merry Sunday. I'll post a contest tomorrow, though where to, I'm not sure. AiboPals still hasn't gotten her certificates, so I'm frustrated about that, and imagine AiboPals isn't thrilled. Shorty Chelle didn't get one of hers, either. Tell me, where would y'all like to receive gift certificates to? Or would you like me to give out a book from somewhere? I'm trying to cap the prizes at 5 bucks because money. But what would Y'ALL like?



Shorty Chelle said...

Life is like the sea, you swim and play while at the same time traversing along when out of nowhere an obstacle comes along that you have to overcome and be stronger for it. I know this does not make sense after I typed it. It sounded better in my head lol. As for the gc well I have no clue as to what book I want. I have all yours so far lol. What about a book that is to be released next of yours? Other than that I have no clue lol.
**huggz** <3
Shorty Chelle

Margaret S said...

Maybe if you publish Wiggle you can change the title to something like Free Fur All. I loved this story.
I think Shorty Chelle is right with the sea analogy.Life is a series of waves of varying size and strength from lapping gently to the type that crew you up and spit you out and hopefully you survive it. You are a survivor of all life has thrown at you so far. You don't give up you dig your heels in and get it sorted.
Just taking it one day at a time is all you can do and all that can be asked of you.
Eagerly looking forward to the new blog story.

Bailey;-) said...

Shorty Chelle, it sounds accurate and very good written out; I think you nailed it quite well **huggz** FFR told me they have contacted you and AiboPals, so I hope the GC issue has been resolved. I don't know anything about anything new; I was writing on the Mystic Tattoo book, then I had kids and drama for weeks. I'll get it done, though!

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

Today is one of those days I'd like to give up, just walk off and not come back. Of course, I know you (or I) can't escape from reality and responsibilities that easily, and it wouldn't BE easy, because people matter, and I would hate walking off-- it's just the fantasy of leaving behind all the stress that appeals. I'm hoping things will calm down and I can try to finish the Mystic Tattoo short, for one thing. Anyway. I'm babbling. Thank you for being here! <3

AiboPals said...

FFR state they have sorted the issues with the first card, I am waiting for the 2nd one (of which there has been no sign at all) before I try and order again especially since a couple of the books were reduced when this all started and aren't any longer.

I can totally relate to the feeling of wishing to escape from all the sh..tuff, hang in their hun we are here for ya.

PS I saw Margaret's idea of a possible new title for Wiggle, and thought of a slight variation on it would fit, Three Fur All, I am no good with words usually, certainly nothing as good as the other ladies said, but you are a survivor <3

Bailey;-) said...

AiboPals, the delayed one is my fault. I just re-read their DM to me and totally misunderstood it the first time. They said that the GC should work as I send them now, so I'm doing that, right now. If there's any problem at all...well, you know. And I am sorry it's so late. <3 Also, I love both your and Margaret's titles! What's a gal to do????

AiboPals said...

Thanks hun I got the second gc, giggles, now I have 2 that don't work, oh well that is on ffr not you *hugs*

AiboPals said...

OH and some positive news FFR fixed the GC's, I have been able to use them *grins*

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