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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Popping in to announce the winners! Courtesy of Random.org, the winners are the 3rd and 4th commenters-- AiboPals, maybe for yours, I should just email FFR with your address and ask them to send you the GC directly, rather than me ordering it and you possibly not getting it quickly?

Congratulations to:

AiboPals said...
They are having a few issues, like they still haven't fixed it so the one I received from you a couple of weeks ago works, but they say they are working on it, I suspect it is a currency issue, being in the UK I have no choice but to pay in UK money, but the gift was in $, so their system probably had a fit and they need to resolve it.

I hope you are having a great week *hugs*
Brandi said...
I need to go check it out, well, more than just verifying I have an account there hehe.


Brandi, if you could send me your email address that you use for FFR/Pride, I'll get your GC sent out! Watch for a new contest to be posted Thursday or Friday-- whichever isn't an installment day! 


nikirenee said...

Congrats ladies 😀

Brandi said...

Yay, thank you Bailey!


AiboPals said...

Bless you hun I would appreciate that as they still haven't fixed the last one. Thank You so much :D

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