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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Across the Tides Ch. 9

Copyright 2017
Bailey Bradford

Chapter Nine

Ugh. How did I manage to forget this awkwardness? Titus stared up at the ceiling as Draven lay panting beside him. Titus’s own breathing hadn’t evened out yet, and already he felt out of place and incapable of handling his departure with any dignity.
How does one have dignity hunting down one’s clothes, in a house one has never been to before, with a stranger—
Titus blinked. “Huh?”
Draven sat up and Titus looked at him.
Draven yawned and Titus thought there was his excuse to leave.
But Draven seemed to have other ideas. “Want to shower?” Then he shook his head. “No. How about a swim?”
“In the ocean?” Titus winced. Obviously Draven had meant the ocean.
“Yeah. We can shower after. I find the ocean…” Draven blushed for some odd reason. “Reviving.”
Titus sat up and laughed. “Well, yeah. That salt water in your eyes wakes you up.”
Draven surprised him by chuckling. The sound warmed Titus to his core.
“So that’s a yes?” Draven asked, turning his pretty gaze Titus’s way.
“Sure. I don’t have trunks—“ Titus began but Draven waved off his concern.
“This part of the beach is private,” Draven explained. “I don’t usually wear anything when I swim at night, but I can grab you a pair of shorts if you want?”
Titus could easily imagine getting arrested for indecent exposure, private beach or not. “Er, I think I’d feel more comfortable in shorts, if that’s okay.”
“It is.” Draven got to his feet, and Titus looked him over once, then a second time more slowly.
“Wow, you’re perfect,” he muttered, much to his embarrassment. Titus scrambled up off the floor. “Uh, that wasn’t very cool of me. I… suck at this whole one-night stand thing.” He glanced at the floor where they’d fucked. “Part of why I haven’t been with anyone in so long.”
Draven cupped Titus’s chin and nudged.
Titus raised his eyes to Draven’s.
Draven ran his thumb over Titus’s lips. “How long are you here for?”
Titus’s heart seemed to skip a beat. “Uh… a-a few more days. Five at most.”
“Then…” Draven pressed on Titus’s lip.
Titus opened his mouth.
And Draven kissed him, just like Titus was hoping he would, all heat and hunger and lust.
Titus slipped his hands around to Draven’s ass and held on while he plundered Draven’s mouth as eagerly as Draven plundered his.
Despite being fully aroused, Titus didn’t complain when Draven moved back and said, “Beach. Water. Come with me.”
Titus forgot about the shorts, but Draven didn’t. “Trunks.”
Titus watched Draven lope past him, watched the rounded swells of Draven’s ass flex as he moved, the pads of his feet as they were bared when he took a step. All of Draven was a treat to see.
Draven wasn’t gone long enough for Titus to feel awkward again. He handed Titus a pair of black board shorts.
When Titus took them, Draven waited by the back door as he put them on.
Draven cleared his throat when Titus pulled the shorts up. Titus gave him an expectant look.
Draven glanced at him then away. “I, ah. I was going to say, before I kissed you. Since you don’t do one-night stands, maybe this could be a five-night stand?” He blushed again, this time darkly.
Titus’s heart did that stupid thing again where it felt lightened by joy. “W-we could do that. Five nights after this night.”
“And maybe the days too?” Draven rushed out, finally locking gazes with Titus, though he shifted his weight from foot to foot, which Titus thought was a sign of nervousness.
Titus thought Draven was sexy, and adorable in his awkwardness. “I’d like that.”
Draven’s smile was breathtaking. He nodded and opened the door. “Ready to swim?”
Titus closed the distance between them. “Not going to have your brother show up disguised as a shark, are we?”
Draven’s blush returned. “Not as a shark, no. Er, not as anything. He’d better not show up, that’s what I mean.”
“I think that’s asking too much of him for the entire five nights,” Titus pointed out.
“And days,” Draven added as Titus passed him to walk out the door. “And you’re right. You seem to know Raveen well.”
“He’s pretty see-through,” Titus agreed. Like a shallow tide pool. Draven was deeper, like the ocean caressing the sand right outside past the stairs. “Oh, this is nice.”
“I think so.” Draven gestured. “No one on the beach but us.”
“Hmmm.” Titus thought about the things they could do on the beach.
And what a pain it’d be to get sand out of their crooks and creases. “Swim?”
Draven chuckled. “Swim.” He took Titus’s hand and together they ran into the warm waves.

Titus shrieked when something brushed his leg, but Draven just called out, “Seaweed!” and kept tugging on his hand, so Titus decided to let go and enjoy the time he had with this intriguing man, the beach, and the glorious moonlight casting bright reflections on the water.


nikirenee said...

I like it. Still not sure what he is though

AiboPals said...

Ooo sneaky mcsneaky, still not letting on what the brothers are, but yet the implication they are something other than just human is there, I love it!!

Shorty Chelle said...

Love it.

Donna said...

I'm betting on Dolphins

Bailey;-) said...

nikirenee, I'll share soon!

Bailey;-) said...

Thank you Shorty Chelle! <3 ***huggz***

Bailey;-) said...

Lol, AiboPals, I love having fun with y'all, and y'all are always so great about it! <3

Bailey;-) said...

no ma'am, Donna, not dolphins :D

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