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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Life Update

Okay, well, that was fast. It's been a hell of a week. PNut almost dying was horrible; thank you to everyone who helped out, monetarily, positive thoughts and words, offers to help us get cheaper meds-- y'all are absolutely AMAZING! And I mean it when I say I love you all. Totally best people, ever.

So, the rest of the week... We got to pick PNut up at 10 Tuesday morning and the veterinarian said there was one of his meds he needed before noon that day. Of course, one of the meds was difficult to track down, and we spent two frantic hours driving from one pharmacy to another. They would tell us they had the .5 mg Dexamethasone, then realize nope, they only had the 1 mg, and since we already had to quarter the.5 mg, the 1 mg wouldn't work. Turns out, it wasn't the Dex he absolutely has to have twice a day, but the other med we had already gotten filled. We did eventually get his Dex, and he's all good.

But my attorney called me in the midst of that and told me I had to be in court in Jourdanton, TX for a divorce hearing at 9 am Wednesday. He'd tried to get a deal worked out but couldn't. Total panic trying to get PNut settled, figure out who was going to Texas with me, who wasn't. We headed out about 2 PM Tuesday, and at 1 AM Wednesday morning, there was what we'll call, The Deer Incident.

The Deer Incident could have been way worse. I was driving down I-10, speed limit is 75. I went to pass an 18-wheeler, and there was a deer carcass in my lane. I could either hit the big rig or go over the carcass. Neither was ideal, obviously, but I chose the carcass... which then got hung up under the car. Long story short, even after a police officer tried to help, we had to drive with a deer stuck under the car, the rest of the way to Jourdanton.

The mechanic who put the car on the lift later Wednesday morning was totally grossed out. Now, you can probably expect to see that pop up in a book.

Anyway, we had the hearing, and rather than meet up for another court date, we agreed on all the things we needed to, wrote it up, signed it, the judge signed it, and *Presto* now I'm divorced. I look forward to experiencing life as a single person for the first time since I was 18.

I'll get back to the installments on MONDAY, not Tuesday, and I'll write 3 next week. I've got a migraine from hell today, all driving and no sleep. Going to take a few days to recover from all these months of high-stress.

Thank you again for being such wonderful people. ***huggz***


myriad d said...

I'm so glad PNut's doing well, that was quite a scare! And you must be very relieved to have the divorce finally over and done with (that deer thing was super gross tho, I look forward to reading the fictionalised version!). I just want you to know, I think you're an incredibly strong person considering how you've dealt with everything that's going on, taking the time to keep us all updated via your blog despite everything. I really admire you and look forward to your next update with patience: take as long as you need :)

Bailey;-) said...

***huggz*** Thank you so much, Myriad d! You are very kind. The deer incident will definitely be in a book! Probably the sequel to Destined Prey, because it'd fit in there :D I hope you have a fantastic week, and thank you again <3

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